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I was put on the Collingwood fan bus to report on how they are preparing for Saturday’s game against the Swans.

As soon as I got to Southern Cross station just before the 1am departure time, I was surprised by the number of Pies fans.

It’s a sea of ​​black and white: from the classic fans of the older peppy groups to the husky young guys and girls.

“Up the pie!” they shout at me enthusiastically, mistaking me for one of them. Still, I’m wearing black and white clothes (unintentionally).

The bus is noisy and most of the singing starts at the back of the bus from the younger cohort.

“Sydney won’t know what hit him!” shouts 27-year-old Tradie Joey Taleb.

Taleb closed his machine shop for the trip and bet $1,000 on his team to take home the win.

“Ooooh, Jordan De Goey” and a drawn out “Collingwooood” are repeated back to back for the first hour of the bus ride with “DAICOS!” smashing it.

Without a doubt, De Goya’s presence gives them confidence in the do-or-die match in Sydney.

Closer to the middle and front of the bus is a quieter group who have dutifully packed pillows and blankets for the cold temperatures on the bus.

Among them is Jodie Wilcock, who flew from Kalgoorlie, Washington, to Melbourne to be with her tribe on the Collingwood fan bus.

“Coming home from the 2018 grand final with a plane full of West Coast fans … it was excruciating,” she says.

Long-time cheer squad member Brooke Batty sits with her 13-year-old daughter, Kendra, and they talk about their trip to Taronga Zoo before the game, which has become a tradition over the years.

“When we went to Adelaide in 2018 [for the game] we went and saw pandas because where else are you going to see them?’ Bati explains.

At 3.30 in the morning, everything quiets down and most of the fans start to get some sleep, as the roads are still around eight hours.

As daylight breaks, we are all awakened by a voice shouting, “Go, pies!” and chanting a Freddy Krueger taunt “One…two…Freddy’s coming for you.”

The bus comes alive with energy and chatter as soon as we cross the NSW border and mark the halfway mark. Cars with Collingwood scarves hanging from their windows honk their horns as they overtake the bus, adding to the excitement.

“Geelong, we’re coming!” someone shouts.

They are already starting to finish the match in their favor. It is clear that they are only thinking about winning and reaching the grand final.


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