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Sydney Swansea vs. Esendan Bombers, Tips, Odds & Teams – AFL 2022


SCG will host Saturday’s 9th round of the AFL between Sydney Swansea and Esendan Bombers. The game starts at 19:25, and Sydney Swansea comes into play as favorites at bookmakers. Continue reading our detailed preview of the game Sydney Swans Vs. Essendon Bombers and give you our free tips and bets.

When: Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 7:25 p.m.

Where: SCG

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Sydney Swansea vs. Esendan Bombers

Sydney Swansea vs. Esendon Bombers preview

What’s going on with the swans? Two games in a row at SCG they have lost now.

Brisbane is a quality team, so the loss is not a big shock for them, but the victory of the Gold Coast last week was a surprise.

The good news for them is that they have returned to SCG and are taking a side that usually wins every time they meet on the ground.

In the last round, Esendan won a good victory over the Hawks, but he will have to hurry to upset the “Swans”.

I can’t see this happening. Sydney has to win this one.

Bet one on one

We tip Sydney Swans to win in $ 1.30 chances.

The first scorer

First scoring author:

Tom Pepley’s $ 12.

Sydney Swans vs. Essendon Bombers Teams


B: D. Rempe, T. McCarthy, J. McInerney

HB: J. Lloyd, P. McCarthy, N. Blakey

C: J. Robbot, J. Kennedy, K. Warner

HF: E. Goulden, L. MacDonald, L. Parker

F: P. Ladhams, L. Franklin, T. Papley

FOL: T. Hickey, C. Mills, I. Heaney

I / C: O. Florent, W. Hayward, S. Wicks, J. Bell

EMG: W. Gould, R. Clarke, H. McLean, D. Stephens

In: T. Hickey, S. Weeks, J. Bell

EXITS: B. Ronke, H. Malin (both omitted), B. Campbell (managed), R. Clark (spare)


B: J. Laverde, J. Ridley, J. Kelly

HB: D. Heppel, N. Hind, M. Redman

C: A. McGrath, Z. Maret, T. Cutler

HF: D. Schill, A. Francis, B. Hobbes

F: M. Gelfi, P. Wright, N. Martin

FOLL: S. Draper, D. Parish, J. Caldwell

I / C: Z. Reid, S. Durham, A. Perkins, N. Bryan

EMG: A. Waterman, N. Cox, K. Baldwin, B. Ham

In: J. Ridley, J. Kelly, M. Guelfi, S. Durham

EXITS: B. Ham, K. Baldwin (both omitted), D. Smith (illness), B. Zerk-Thatcher (wounded), A. Lord (spare)


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