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Target Time and Super Quiz, Wednesday, May 25th



Find words of four or more letters. Each word must include a central letter, and each letter is used only once. Find at least one word out of nine letters. Without colloquial and foreign words, capitalized nouns, apostrophes and hyphens. No verbs or plural words ending in “s”. The list of solutions is not exhaustive.

Reference source: Macquarie Dictionary.

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Today’s goal: 11 words, on average; 15 words, good; 19+ words, great

Yesterday’s target time: cercus, cerous, concurse, concur, conure, corneous, cornu, course, crocus, crus, cruse, medicine, curse, cusec, ecru, euro, nurse, occur, heavy, weight, ounce, roue, climb, fleece, trick, scrub, sour, source, suer, sure user.

Harry Hollinsworth


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