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Tash Peterson shares a new vision of the police dispute with the CBD: “Ban the rights of non-human animals”



Tash Peterson has published a fresh vision of her half-naked animal exploits, claiming she was “banned” from participating in “peaceful” protests at the CBD.

The notorious activist, nicknamed the “vegan priest”, took to Instagram with a vision of a clash with officers after they asked her to put on a shirt and leave the Hay Street mall.

“Don’t let them push you, defend your rights and defend the rights of animals,” she said on social media.

“The police, as usual, are abusing their position by forbidding me to protest peacefully in public because someone has complained (apparently that means it’s messy when someone complains) and because an ordinary person seems to be offended topless.”

In a video posted on her account, Peterson can be seen in an open-air shopping mall in the heart of Perth with a sign reading “Kangaroo shot and Joey killed to death for Nike shoes.”

As during a previous protest in the northern suburbs of Perth, a 28-year-old girl is wearing a kangaroo jumpsuit tied around her waist and her upper body is covered in pink paint.

At the request of the authorities to cover up, she refuses: “I do not support sexist requests. Topless men are walking all the time, and I don’t think three male policemen are behind him telling him to put on a top. “

She is told she is rioting before Peterson turned to the law.

“How are these insulting, insulting or threatening statements or behavior?”

WA police were asked to comment on the clash.


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