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With all the talk of pumpkins (C8), Carol Baxter from Woodgate Beach (Qld) wonders if anyone else is eating letter pies. “Our Nan used to make delicious ones (when we lived in the Hunter area). My sister was in NSW a while ago and bought a big gram and gave me half because we can’t buy them in Queensland so I have a liter container of pureed gram in my freezer but no energy to make a pastry .”

While living in Minnesota on a teacher exchange, it was explained to Janice Crinon of Austinmer that the genetic modification created “perfection” for Halloween pumpkins (C8) in size and shape, but “it reduced the flavor and nutrition of the pumpkin.” We were warned to use it up, throw it away, and then cut it up and show it off.”

Traveling to India frequently to visit family, Narayan Mukavili of Winston Hills “plays a little game every trip, scoring points for every safari suit (C8) I see. I rarely leave without points. Airports seem to be the natural habitat of these things, I’ve never seen a safari suit outside of an airport.’

“Can someone explain to me why rocket science requires the most intelligent minds?” asks Jeffrey Huang of Roseville. “Surely there are other more time-consuming academic pursuits than gluing gelignite into a metal tube?”

After searching the internet to no avail, Wagga Wagga’s Nola Scott wonders if anyone else remembers the Wyn-lite wind turbine that produced electricity. “There was one on Lenneldale, a property near where I lived as a child in the Riverine. My 102-year-old brother remembers a stack of batteries on the front porch that stored enough energy to light the house.”

In addition to WOAT as a film or television classification (C8), Hurstville Grove’s William Galton suggests that “subscribers to streaming services may also be told that the program was WOYTAM (a waste of your time and money)”. Mosman’s Jack Dikian says he never knows “if a UR-Un-Rated film won’t be rated yet, or if the film critics just won’t appreciate it”.

Port Macquarie’s Don Bain admits he’s always found the (C8) film classification beyond strange. From not requiring the guidance of a helpful adult at thirteen, youngsters quickly go through a year of ‘adult’ viewing before arriving in the world of MA15+, where a few tricks are off-limits and the eyes can be well and truly opened – at fifteen I’m all was still shouting “Halftime!” during long kisses.’


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