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Tesla, Liberal MP Katie Allen, accused in the booth after the election campaign


Allen is the only Liberal MP who is known to drive a Tesla. Labor Labor spokesman Chris Bowen also runs one.

Anthony Albanese has pledged $ 500 million – twice as much as coalition funding – to cut off electric vehicles in the event of an election victory.

The opposition has reduced its ambitions in the field of EVs after Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in the run-up to the 2019 election that Labor’s then goal of 50 percent of new car sales was to be electric – a policy it abandoned – “end the weekend”.

The $ 22.5 million renovation of the Very Special Kids hospice is $ 7.5 million each from state and federal governments. Allen spoke to the media at the site in December along with Health Minister Greg Hunt for turning the turf.

Allen said leaving Tesla for repairs would have to wait until election day as she focused on defending her seat in key Higgins federal electorate.


“I recorded it after the election. I just don’t want to go to Higgins for a minute and make sure I get every vote. “

She said the damage was minor, describing the scrap as “a small bump, it’s superficial … No dents, I don’t even know why I’m worried about repairing it.”

The MP said independent independent Monique Ryan, who is fighting treasurer Josh Friedenberg in Kuyong, had a Tesla car wrapped in the same way on the road.

“Ryan’s Tesla S series – or we don’t know if it’s Simon Holmes from the court – shouted at our parking lot,” she said.

“A white-haired man was behind the wheel. It was a big Tesla S, and the face was like tea. ”

The Tesla Model S sells for more than $ 100,000, while the Tesla 3 Elena is considered an entry-level model and sells for about $ 64,000.

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