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Texas Medical Center and Biodesign Australia are joining forces


Texas Medical Center (TMC) and Biodesign Australia have teamed up to advance health and life research through commercialization, innovation and research.

The organizations will work together to facilitate opportunities between TMC Biodesign and programs within the Biodesign Australia network, and founders and entrepreneurs will be given access to talent, clinical trial activities, empowerment and markets. The ad is based on TMC / Australia BioBridge, which was launched in 2018.

TMC Biodesign brings together founders with teachers, business leaders and technical expertise to bring breakthrough technologies to market. The program, launched in 2015, raised more than $ 41 million in capital, founding 11 companies and developing 25 corporate and academic relationships. Programs in Australia based on the Biodesign methodology began in 2016, and Biodesign Australia now includes Perth Biodesign, Biodesign Melbourne, Biodesign Sydney, Adelaide Biodesign and Brisbane Biodesign. In total, the program has prepared hundreds of start-up entrepreneurs through medical and digital health courses, as well as training camps and the iPREP Biodesign internship program.

Professor Kevin Pfleger, Director of Biomedical Innovation at the University of Western Australia, said: “Combining the programming, talent and expertise found at Biodesign Australia and TMC, we are creating a dynamic ecosystem that will help shape the future of healthcare.”

“The launch of the Australian BioBridge in 2018 has created a unique opportunity to share ideas, research and invest to promote breakthroughs in both Texas Medical Center and Australia,” said William McKeon, President and CEO of Texas Medical Center.

“This expanded relationship with Biodesign Australia opens up global opportunities for a new group of leaders in healthcare, and we look forward to working together to provide a platform for innovation and commercialization.”

The TMC BioBridge program promotes the exchange of ideas and research globally to improve patient experiences and provide innovative solutions to complex health problems. TMC | Australia’s Biobridge has jointly developed the Healthcare Activator – a way for Australian companies involved in digital health and medical devices to interact with innovative programs and partners at Texas Medical Center. Applications for the inaugural cohort began on May 2, 2022.

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