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The 2022 Australian election is live: union protests during the start of the Coalition campaign; recorded at least 20 deaths from Covid | Australian election 2022


WA records four deaths from Covid

Prime Minister of Western Australia Mark McGowan just released the Covid State Daily Update.

12,399 new cases were recorded during the night.

Unfortunately, four more deaths were recorded. There are 294 people in hospital with the virus, including 10 cases requiring intensive care.

Meanwhile in the coalition camp the guys are back in town!

Josh Butler

Anthony Albanese received a warm welcome from the Prime Minister of Queensland Anastasia Palashchukthe couple warmly hugged on stage as the Labor leader entered the venue through the back of the crowd as Gangajanga Sounds Then sounded on the software.

He began his speech with a hilarious address to Morrison’s infamous link to the cartoon The Crudza metaphor he used about ending Covid’s blockade, arguing that Western Australia wants to stay “in the cave”.

Usually Labor used this line to claim that Morrison did not support the WA – today Albanese expanded on this, claiming that Morrison tried to “extradite Queenslanders as cave dwellers if your prime minister does the right thing to protect the health and safety of his state.”

Palashchuk and Albanese recognize the crowd during a Labor rally in Brisbane. Photo: Lucas Koch / AAP

The Albanian again called himself a “builder”, in contrast to Morrison’s self-description as a “bulldozer”. In this regard, he promised $ 733 million to modernize Queensland Highway beam.

“Today [Morrison] compared himself to a car. If this government is a car, it blows smoke, it has little fuel, and the wheels fall off, ”Albanese said. Jason Claire not the only one willing to run zinger.

Albanese speaks now – sinking into the greatest hits with a callback to the infamous “it’s like in the movie Cruds” Morrison about the reopening of COVID

Claimed that Morrison tried to “extradite Queenslanders as ‘cave dwellers’ if your prime minister does the right thing.” pic.twitter.com/keyNuq4qDO

– Josh Butler (@JoshButler) May 15, 2022

T-minus two minutes.

Josh Butler

Shadow Treasurer of Labor J.them Chalmers next at a rally in Brisbane, and it’s no surprise he’s dropping bombs on the prime minister.

«Scott Morrison started this campaign by saying that people know who I am. Only now did he realize that this was a problem, ”said Chalmers, who deserved loud applause and laughed at the crowd.

He wants you to believe that the last three or four years, the last nine years, were just a stage he was going through.

З Coalition The Guardian Australia political correspondent will begin in 10 minutes Paul Carp will bring you the latter.

Cash ask about the decision to prosecute Bernard Caleri and Witness K – and deviates, saying:

It is still in court, so I will not comment, but I will say when it comes to the economy and national security, when we move to this final phase of the campaign.

I personally think the choice is clear: why are you jeopardizing Australia’s economic recovery after Covid-19? Why are you threatening Australia’s national security with untested and untested Anthony Albanese?

Attorney General Micalia Cash speaking at ABC, is now making a heroic effort to sell Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Haven’t we seen the real Scott Morrison? There I absolutely disagree. Voters understand the global pandemic every 100 years, it required firm decision-making, decisive decisions.

The question I tell Australians is: do you want to risk our economic recovery after Covid-19 with the untested and untested Anthony Albanese? In particular, given the global situation, do you want to risk our national security with the untested and untested Anthony Albanese? This is a choice made by Australians.

Protests during the start of the Coalition campaign

Paul Carp

Paul Carp

Noon Coalition the launch of the campaign will begin at the Brisbane Convention Center. Scott Morrison and the Liberal National Party were greeted by union protesters:

Listening to the speeches, the main grievance was the heightened casualization of work, which speakers noted the coalition encouraged, using building codes to indirectly ban provisions in pay-as-you-go deals that limit the employment of casual people and allow casual relocation.

At launch the leader of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce and deputy leader of the Liberals Josh Friedenberg to speak before Morrison.

Also present are the Minister of Employment and Education, Stuart RobertMinister of Pensions Jane Hume and Queensland MPs Luke Howart and Bert Van Manen.

The coalition is playing defense in Queensland. Polls show that Labor is competitive in Brisbane, which holds Trevor Evansand Ryan holding on Julian Simmondswith the Greens close to third place and potentially able to overtake Labor and win in those places.

Longman, which occupies Kabultur and Bribey Island north of Brisbane, is also a traditional marginal and Labor target.

Mood for Change: Kevin Rad launches Labor rally in Brisbane

Josh Butler

Working Brisbane The agitation rally began with playing the party’s own montage TikTok video on the big screen.

A few jokes about Star Wars and viral video memes are not the most traditional way to intensify the election campaign, but hundreds of people in red shirts Work fans seemed to pick it up.

It happened after a live DJ in front of the room played joyful dance and disco music. «DJ Or”And his usual 80s daddy rock playlist somehow didn’t make it.

The former Prime Minister Kevin Rad began the event by listing the current list of places he visited during the “I’ve Been Everywhere” campaign, and shouted:

You feel it right in this our nation today, there is a mood for change.

Kevin Rudd warms up the crowd at a Labor rally in Brisbane
Kevin Rudd warms up the crowd at a Labor rally in Brisbane. Photo: Lukas Coch / AAP

“People from Australia I want to throw out this crowd, ”said Rad, returning to the famous News Corp “Throw Out This Crowd” on the front page ahead of a 2013 campaign that urged readers to vote for Rudd’s work.

If you can’t remember events from political campaigns that are long gone, here’s a useful update:


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