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The BBC apologizes to Manchester United fans for calling the club rubbish, the result of “Crystal Palace”, Eric ten Haag, highlights, videos, recent


The BBC was forced to apologize to Manchester United fans on Tuesday after a news item appeared in their news in which the Premier League club was referred to as “rubbish”.

The icon appeared at the bottom of the screen during the tennis update. Later in the morning the presenter apologized to United fans who might have been offended.

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She said the mistake happened when someone was learning to drive a ticket and “didn’t seriously write random things”.

The presenter said: “Some time ago, some of you may have noticed something rather unusual at the bottom of the screen with the news about Manchester United, and I hope that Manchester United fans were not offended. it is.


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“Let me just explain what was going on – behind the scenes someone was training to learn how to use a ticker and put text on a ticker, so they just wrote random things not seriously, and that comment came up.

“So sorry if you saw it and took offense and you’re a Manchester United fan.”

A statement from the BBC to the PA news agency said: “There was a technical glitch with our test ticket during the training session, which went live for a few seconds. We apologized for any wrongs on the air. ”

BBC presenter and Manchester City fan Clive Miri wrote on Twitter: “I had nothing to do with it!” with the hashtag #mcfc.

Manchester United, who have not won silver since 2017, ranked sixth in the top league table with the lowest score in the Premier League.

Their new manager Eric Ten Haag was officially unveiled on Monday, less than 24 hours after Manchester City won their fourth league title in five seasons.


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