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The BBC calls Nkuti Gatwa the next incarnation of the Doctor


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Nkuti Gatwa will take the mantle from Jody Whittaker Dr. Whoannounced the BBC, stopping speculation about the next regeneration of the cult Lord of Time.

“Sometimes talent goes through the door and it’s so bright, bold and brilliant, I just step back in admiration and thank my lucky stars,” showman Russell T. Davis said in a broadcast release.

“Nkuti stunned us, grabbed the doctor and in a matter of seconds got those keys from TARDIS.”

Gatwa, whose name is pronounced SHOO-tee, is currently starring in the high school comedy drama Netflix Sex education like the sizzling Eric Effiong, who is openly gay but from a very religious family.

The 29-year-old Gatwa, who was born in Rwanda and grew up in Scotland, will be the first black actor to head the quintessence of a British science fiction show, but he will not be the first black doctor – Joe Martin played “Fugitive Doctor” in several episodes.

Whitaker became the 13th doctor – and the first woman to play the central galaxy, the extraterrestrial Lord of Time being reborn into new bodies – in 2017, when she took over as Peter Capaldi.

Her latest episode from Dr. Who is expected to air later this year.

The original launch Dr. Who covered 1963-1989.

Next season TARDIS will get a new look. Photo: EPA

Since the series resumed in 2005, the Doctors have been played by Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant and Matt Smith, as well as Kapaldi and Whitaker.

Other stars, such as Karen Gillan and Billy Piper, have made a name for themselves on the show as a “companion” to the Doctor.

“This role and show means so much to many around the world, including me, and each of my incredibly talented predecessors has been particularly careful about this unique responsibility and privilege. I will do my best to do the same, ”Gatwa was quoted as saying, describing his emotions as“ a mixture of reverence, excitement and, of course, a little scared ”.

In addition to the start of Gatwa’s work, Davis is also returning next year Dr. Who after more than a decade of absence.

“Russell T. Davis is almost as iconic as the doctor himself, and the opportunity to work with him is a dream come true,” Gatwa said.

The writer and producer led the reboot until 2009 and worked on shows such as A very English scandal and It is a sin in the meantime.

He promises a “spectacular” 2023.

“Unlike the Doctor, I may have only one heart, but I give it my all,” Gatva added.



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