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The bedbug sheds light on an inspiring conversation during the break


The Reds arrived in Spain, holding 2-0 overall thanks to a dominant game at Anfield, but were able to waste it during a tough first half at El Madrigal.

However, a significantly improved performance in the second half, which was interspersed with goals from Fabigno, Luis Diaz and Sadio Mane, helped secure a place in the third final of the Champions League in just five seasons.

And when asked how he organized this change of fate, Klopp replied, “It seems like the first one in 20 [years]it’s great because we obviously made it pretty challenging for ourselves.

“We knew before that this could happen; in life all the time it all depends on how you react when things go wrong.

“Getting your first goal in two and a half, three minutes, it’s obviously not what you wanted, momentum on their side.

“After the first half I told the guys,‘ Yes, they have the impetus, but they don’t own it! In one situation, we can bring him back. “

“We were calm because I accept it 100 percent that if Villarreal play the second half as they play in the first and we played the second half as the first, then they will be in the final.

“The perception was that everything looked more like they were going to score 3-0 than we were 2-1, but we’re still here to try, and that’s what we did.”

Further, the German showed that his cries in the half also contained elements of important tactical advice to his players.

He said: “The problem with the break was that we knew it was wrong because it was obvious, but we didn’t have situations to show we did the right thing.

“I have to say respect to Villarreal: the stadium, the team, the coach, it’s incredible what they created, they put pressure on us.

“[It was] man-v-man all over the field, we didn’t play football at all, we didn’t come back.

“We have to play in the right places, we have to force ourselves into the game to start playing football.

“[When] we broke the lines and we found Neby or Trent in the half-spaces, and the top three were more flexible and not fixed in their positions, suddenly we were in the game, scored goals and did it.

Liverpool’s final opponent will be confirmed on Thursday (AEST), when “Real” and “Manchester City” will fight in the crucial match of the semifinal match.

About potential opponents of his side, Klopp said: “Yes, I’ll watch! Whoever it is, it will be massive.”

“Whoever wins tomorrow night will deserve a result, and then we will meet each other in Paris.”


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