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The best ASX stock with small AI capital to consider is Star Investing


Artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, is not a new concept, but over the past few years its use has been growing as more companies find new innovative ways to apply the technology.

Currently, ASX is home to a number of small equity AI stocks that are all seeking to benefit from the growing trends of businesses looking for AI solutions to their problems.

If you’re an investor looking to access AI in a small-cap space, look no further because we’ve put together a short list of small-cap ASX stocks that are included in the AI ​​pie.

Software products that include AI technology

There are several software companies that incorporate artificial intelligence into their solutions to help businesses improve their operations, whether it’s sales, employee engagement or cost management, these small capitals have the answer.

LiveTiles (ASX: LVT)

Global SaaS, LiveTiles, offers intelligent workplace software to improve collaboration and internal information sharing.

It uses AI to integrate available data into the organization, making it easier for employees to find the information they need.

It also offers a bot solution for customers to improve interoperability and help automate simple but time-consuming tasks.

BigTinCan (ASX: BTH)

BTC is a sales platform that is also sold on a SaaS basis. Its platform also runs on artificial intelligence with AI-driven features to automate the sales cycle.

It has recently done well after modernizing its revenue targets – forecasting revenue growth of more than 40 percent for fiscal year 2019 compared to initial recommendations of 35-40 percent.

Flamingos (ASX: FGO)

AI Flamingo technology also plays into the trading space. It is sold to businesses on the basis that it can be deployed in any environment to analyze a customer’s path, as well as optimize and automate to convert sales.

It boasts customers including Metlife, AMP, Cua and Chubb.


OpenDNA offers AI solutions for businesses to help better understand and target audiences.

Its Synapse software platform uses artificial intelligence to give a better idea of ​​the customer base, and distributes content relevance scores to each customer to help organizations better determine whether content will be interesting and useful to them.

GooRoo (ASX: GOO)

GooRoo has a patented technology that uses AI to determine how people think and make decisions that it applies to the human resources and marketing sectors.

Also sold as a SaaS solution for businesses that seeks to help businesses better understand their employees and customers.

BidEnergy (ASX: BID)

The BidEnergy platform is an intelligent automation of energy use and billing to help businesses manage their energy costs.

It uses robotic process automation, an automation technology based on robots or AI workers.

Pure Game AI

There is only one company on ASX that works with pure artificial intelligence – BrainChip (ASX: BRN). And by that we mean that this is the only company that develops patented AI technology that can then be deployed in other markets and industries.

This BrainChip Studio technology has the ability to process millions of images per second to recognize faces and objects. It can do this even with very low quality videos.

He is currently working on developing his neuromorphic system on a chip (NSoC) AkidaTM, which will deploy unique machine learning technology on something as small as a chip.

The chip will be able to process data at the source without sending it to the central hub, and does not need to build “smart” – which gives it the potential for a revolution in any industry that requires rapid data processing at the source, such as autonomous cars.

Other little hats with AI aspirations

Spectur (ASX: SP3)

A provider of cloud security technology, Spectur has moved to the AI ​​stepping stone to incorporate AI functionality into its suite of security camera systems.

It says that AI can handle complex scenarios very quickly with a high degree of accuracy and can see other features added, including face and object recognition.

Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT)

Weebit is a semiconductor company that is developing next-generation memory technology.
He is now developing the memory chips needed to run demanding AI applications.

Crowd Mobile (ASX: CM8)

Crowd Mobile crowdsourcing micro-vacancies, such as expert answers to customer questions. Its platform connects experts from around the world with those looking for advice on anything from finance to entertainment.

He now uses artificial intelligence technology to answer more than 50 percent of all questions received by his marketing platform – that is, improving operating profits.

Linius Technology (ASX: LNU)

Linius’ Video Virtualization Engine makes personalized video possible. Its technology makes it possible to search for data in video so that it can be manipulated, improved and collected by changing the way we consume video.

It uses data created by AI to help businesses deliver “hyperpersonalized advertising” and bypasses any ad-blocking software.

The health sector that uses AI

Not wanting to be left behind, the healthcare sector is also embracing the introduction of AI with most companies focusing on improving diagnostic and accuracy processes.

Alkydion (ASX: ALC)

A medical technology company focused on using its machine learning technology to analyze clinical data and assist medical teams in monitoring and identifying risks, complications, and conditions for patients.

It also has a commercial focus on helping health care providers control revenue and compensation and where leaks may occur.

LBT Innovation (ASX: LBT)

The AI ​​LBT platform is designed to automate microbiology and clinical microbiology for faster diagnosis.

The company says its technology provides intelligent tablet reading to quickly deliver reliable and consistent results.

Medibio (ASX: MEB)

Medibio is a mental health technology company that uses AI technology to assess the phenotypes of mental illness and identify potential physiological markers that could lead to future episodes.

Its clinical decision support system assists in the screening and diagnosis of mental health disorders in a non-invasive and user-friendly way.

Mach7 (ASX: M7T)

Mach7 is a provider of enterprise imaging solutions that help improve and accelerate patient diagnosis and care.

It uses AI to optimize and integrate available data and information to help practitioners better diagnose and deliver accurate medications to their patients.

It is working with EnvoyAI to facilitate access to a number of applications that will provide data in its solution.

Volpara (ASX: VHT)

Volpara supplies artificial intelligence-based products as part of its AI cloud offering. By aggregating data systems can “learn” patterns that will aid in diagnosis.

One of its activities is the diagnosis of breast cancer. Combining a wealth of mammography data from breast cancer and results, it helps practitioners better understand physiology and make more accurate diagnoses.

Here’s how this basket of AI shares has worked over the last 12 months (Source: Bloomberg)

Ticker Last price Over the last 12 months%) Market capitalization
Big tin can 0.535 th most common


134 601 351

Guru 0.08


8 331 377

LiveTiles 0.54


352 650 903

Volpara 1.83


327 236 288

OpenDNA 0.043



Alcidion 0.054


43 506 241

Mach7 0.22


32 526 366

Energy rates 0.925


101 855 675

LBT Innovation 0.068



Spectrum 0.135 th most common


7 591 810

Linius Technologies 0.037 th most common


35 695 207

Medibio 0.015


3 732 022

Weebit Nano 0.44


28 005 405

BrainChip 0.048


50 392 009

Flamingo AI 0.007


7 840 894

CrowdMobile 0.011



* Prices are correct as of April 12, 2019

The leading path

Application (ASX: APX)

Appen is one of the companies leading the AI ​​market. It is a multibillion-dollar company that offers solutions for machine learning and artificial intelligence for a variety of markets, including solutions for e-commerce, social networking, medical markets and finance.

Currently considered one of Australia’s leading technology stocks derived under the name WAAAX, Appen is a beacon of success aspiring to become many of AI’s small stocks on the stock exchange.

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Add stock price and volume to data (Source: Bloomberg)

Add stock price and volume to data (Source: Bloomberg)
Star Investing has a commercial partnership with some of the companies mentioned in this article. This content is not advice on financial products. You should consider getting independent advice before making any financial decisions.


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