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The best is yet to come!


Congratulations! You have finally reached an incredible milestone of entering your best years, when a potential retirement and a complete recalibration of what your lifestyle means to you can be on the Odyssey Lifestyle Care community cards.

PHIL ASHER / CEO and Founder / Odyssey Lifestyle Community

Once you exceed your 50 mark, there’s no time to worry about aging or focusing so much on your career or how much you earn.
This is a golden moment when we can pause to reflect and sum up the most important things in life; family, friends, calmer lifestyles and social connections. Many say this is the best time of our lives. Our children have probably flown in the chicken coop and have their own homes and families in which you are undoubtedly an important part. You may feel a little lost with all this undiscovered freedom. But the truth is that it’s almost like going back to those teenage years with endless potential for fun and enjoyment! Again the world at your fingertips is an opportunity to live your life the way you want. To learn what you love to do, and be proud of new hobbies, new hobbies and try new things in which you may not have had the opportunity to do so before. Everyone says life starts at 50, I can’t agree with that. For example, after I reached this milestone, I achieved a number of great things, including discovering innovative solutions for life, care and lifestyle in my latest venture – Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities.

Odyssey celebrates the way of life and strives to provide affordable high-quality living conditions in a community that provides an increasing level of assistance in an enriching and dynamic community in which to thrive.

Built in a spa-style environment, the Odyssey model has set a great precedent in the industry by demonstrating the power to put people first.

As an ardent supporter of consumer-oriented service models, I think the Australian Government’s recommendation to adopt a human rights-based system in their final report to the Royal Commission on Nursing is certainly a step in the right direction.

The Odyssey model is driven by a people-centered approach that puts residents at the forefront of all our solutions, so we decided to incorporate and invest in technologies that ensure health and safety.

We are excited to see our residents live their best lives, be it socializing, spending time with family and friends or participating in fun and social activities.

“People like the idea of ​​having all the services delivered to their home, and they like the idea of ​​normalcy and living on their terms.”

I spent a lot of time studying the life preferences of our old demographics, and what became apparent was people were looking for broad life options and access to a variety of lifestyle options.

Our saying: “your home, your way”, and so it should be! You should be able to continue a normal life in a spacious apartment, furnish and decorate according to your personal style, and all in a comfortable atmosphere.

Staying connected through social activism and having a network of friends is essential to maintaining our well-being, overall health, mental outlook and happiness.

That’s why Odyssey has a lifestyle coordinator whose only goal is to make life rich and fun. From active activities to cultural and culinary experiences, we plan regular activities in our community.

We are also very active in helping residents to come out and visit what they like, with whom they want. Our community has ample opportunities for relaxation, so socializing can often be as simple as walking down the hall.

The inclusion of healthcare is paramount for the new wave of retirees, and that’s what we’re doing with Odyssey.

People like the idea of ​​having all the services delivered to their home, and they like the idea of ​​normalcy and living on their terms.

For example, in Odyssey residents do not ever need to relocate as their need for care increases because assistance is provided to them as needed by our own on-site care team.

When I set out to find the perfect way of life, my intention was not to create an empire, but to set a leading example of placing residents at the center of everything we do.

First at the Gold Coast Odyssey offers a community where pets and family are friendly, which welcomes overnight stays for friends and family in a luxurious resort environment where couples stay together and grandchildren can spend the night.

The area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ beautifully decorated apartments Odyssey varies from 70 square meters to 95 square meters, which exceeds industry standards. The community is set in a resort-style environment that includes concierge services, dishes prepared by the chef, several heavenly gardens, a wine cellar and its own professional 24-7 work team.

Take a tour of our community and experience it for yourself.

Contact today:
07 5551 6720
1 The Crestway, Robin QLD 4226


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