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The body of a man was found in the flooded car


Police believe the car was moved across the cliff on Saturday morning.

Around noon, divers found a submarine and a human body. Two police boats and divers were on the scene and apparently tried to rebuild or move the sunken car.

One police boat got into trouble near the cliff. Attempts to help the boat, which seemed to have lost maneuverability, failed, and the boat was washed to the rocks.

Police were called to the end of Queenscliff Road in Queenscliff at 1.40am, after information emerged that something had passed through the rock.

Witnesses said they found a broken fence when they heard a loud bang, and light was also seen in the water.

Police divers entered the water near Cape Queenscliff just after 11 a.m. and found a car sitting on the roof, ABC reports.

At 11.30 a man’s body was found in a submarine.

Police say there is no evidence of the man’s suspicious death, and a report will be prepared for the investigator.

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