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The boys were pleased with the “IMPORTANT” TESTS OF WILDCARD SUPERCARS


Dan McCarthy

Jordan Boys believes the test in his Image Racing Wildcard ZB Commodore gave him valuable information that led to his debut in a solo major game at Winton Motor Raceway next weekend.

The three-time winner of the race in the Super2 series will take part in the Image Racing race prepared by Erebus Motorsport ZB Commodore.

This year, the Boys decided to stand out from the second tier series as it focused entirely on two Wildcard games.

For the boys, the test allowed him to get back to speed and get back into the rhythm of driving a supercar, which he stressed was incredibly helpful.

“It was very, very important because when I jumped in, it took me a little bit,” the boys told AUTO ACTION.

“It seems to me that it’s just muscular memory, I know where the Super2 VF brakes, in the ZB you drive past it for a long distance, it’s also aerodynamic, soft tires and super soft tires.

“It’s insane how hard you can drive these machines.”

Although he is not too familiar with the prepared Erebus ZB and soft tires, he is well acquainted with Terry Waihun’s Image Racing team.

In the four years of his participation in the Super2 team, they have won several races and finished third in the 2020 series. The boys are happy to reunite with the crew and explained that it played a key role in signing them an agreement.

“Honestly, I took a look at Wildcards with other teams, and that (no previous relationship) bothered me,” Boyce said.

“With Wildcards you can only take one test before each round, and it’s pretty hard with everyone in that short amount of time.

“It was really unreasonable, once I knew we could do it this way, I knew it had to be done that way, I know how important it is to have a good relationship with your engineer and even the mechanic.

“I have my own engineer Wayne, and (team owner) Terry will be leading the show.

“We also have a pair of Erebus mechanics. But definitely the number one mechanic is Steve, who has been working on my car the last couple of years with Image.

“It all fits pretty easily, and as you know, with Erebus it’s a beautiful family atmosphere, so it’s pretty easy to fit into it.”

Coming out of the test on Tuesday, Boyce is confident that he and the team are going in the right direction, and he’s sure to at least mix it up with regular Supercars drivers.

“We were happy with where we were at the end of the day,” he said. “Obviously, it was hard not to ride the supercar for quite some time.

“You can go that far in one day, but I was happy to be close enough to be competitive, and I certainly know I won’t fool myself if I join Winton, so it was a good day overall .

“The car drove perfectly all day, the Erebus an Image crew did a great job, only the restriction on the wheels was really in the tires. I probably did 70-80 laps, something like that, that was enough to look me in the eye ”.

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