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The campaigns of Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese continue; The Liberal Party enjoys the benefits of the UAP; Scott Morrison stands for Catherine Dawes; Anthony Albanese supports a 5.1 per cent pay rise; The coalition will launch a campaign in Brisbane


Liberal Senator Jane Hume has just appeared ABC News Breakfast.

As reported yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has once again defended the choice of his Sydney Waring captain, Catherine Daves, after she doubled past comments describing the sex reassignment surgery as a “mutilation”.

Liberal candidate from Warringah Catherine Daves.Credit:James Brickwood

ABC presenter Michael Rowland asked Hume if she was ready to defend Davis. Here is the appropriate exchange (edited for length and clarity).

Hume: I think Catherine Daves is fighting for an important cause, and that is justice for women in sports.

Rowland: This is due to her assertion that transgender people are “disfigured” when they cross over. Do you, like the Prime Minister yesterday, defend these comments?

Hume: I would not use those words. I would not use them on social media and would not use them in a conversation with you or anyone.

Rowland: Was it supposed to be what the prime minister said yesterday?

Hume: I am not going to comment on what the Prime Minister did or did not say. But most importantly, Catherine Daves is fighting for an important cause.

Rowland: As you think [this] will play [out with voters] if you campaigned on the ground under threat from the Independents?


Hume: I think there are a lot of women in these places who want to make sure that they and their daughters can play sports honestly and equally.

Rowland: As parents, for the sake of argument, [LGBTQ children] feel the comments of Catherine Daves?

Hume: I’m not going to guess what people would feel.

Rowland: Don’t you think they’ll at least be upset?

Hume: These are sensitive issues and should be treated with caution, making sure that our language will not be insensitive in the way it is expressed. Because these are important issues and we know that particular transgender children are some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

How Michael the Goat As reported yesterday, health experts describe gender-based support as “life-changing and saving lives” and say that medical decisions made by doctors, patients and their families should not be the subject of political debate.


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