Home World The consequences of the war in Ukraine can be much worse

The consequences of the war in Ukraine can be much worse


Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt says the fallout from the war in Ukraine “could get worse”.

“It’s been eight months since Russia invaded Ukraine, expecting to crush it in a few days,” Mr. Bolt said.

“Now the Russian troops were destroyed, they were pushed back, and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in a panic, had to rush to new recruits, dragged from the street … and sent to the front with almost no weapons, no food, and no training.

“So now Putin is looking for an excuse to go mega – maybe even nuclear.

“And he’s doing it by sending his foreign minister to claim that Ukraine is actually Ukraine planning to use a dirty bomb that releases radioactive material.”

Mr Bolt discussed the matter with former US Army Deputy Chief of Staff General Jack Keane.


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