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The construction of a new building for the clinical services of Griffith Hospital has officially begun District News


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Reconstruction of Griffith Base Hospital has made significant progress today when the groundwork was laid in the new Clinical Services Building. While the renovation of the non-clinical services building is now complete, the clinical services building looks like a completely different beast, housing surgical wards, wards, maternity wards and more. Deputy Prime Minister Paul Tull, Murray member Helen Dalton and Regional Health Minister Broni Taylor came out to mark the event, along with local councilors and MLHD representatives. Reconstruction worth $ 250 million has been planned for many years, so participants were pleased to see that the project is beginning to be implemented, but the planned completion date in 2025 is still years away. RELATED Ms. Taylor said it is the largest health infrastructure investment in the region. “The new building has also been designed to improve patient experience and outcomes, as well as expand access to outpatient services including renal dialysis and oncology.” It will also include a special short-stay mental health unit for people 16 and older, with four beds specifically designed for teens and young adults. ”The modern clinical services building will include: MLHD CEO Jill Ladford thanked clinicians who helped design what the new hospital would look like, as well as those at St. Vincent’s Hospital which will be co-located on campus. ”All under one roof. Our clinicians, who are here today, have worked very hard to design and plan what the building will look like from the inside, “she said. IN OTHER NEWS Builders. Murray member Helen Dalton was eager to see the development. “It’s very important for our region, we had a very old hospital here that was first built around the 1930s to have a new facility it’s just fantastic.” everyone present said they hope the investment will attract more to work in the regions and ease some of the pressure on the hospital’s current staff.the community.Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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