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The container, full of essential supplies, began its journey to Tonga, thanks to the tremendous efforts of the community | District News


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The container with vital supplies began its journey to Tonga thanks to the Griffith Community Center, the Tangany community and a container donated by the Cassello family. After an underwater volcano eruption and tsunami in the Kingdom of Tonga in January, the local Tangany community came together to donate the necessary materials and goods to their families and friends back home. Nau Mahe led the organization of the event, collecting container after container of donations and preparing them for work. Casella Family Brands volunteered to provide the container and shipping costs, as well as company staff who offered to help load the container. Ms. Mae was especially grateful to all those who donated materials, time or money to the grand enterprise. Peta Damet of the community center said help from Casella Family Brands should not be underestimated. “I sent a letter to Casella’s and asked if they could support us in sending the container, and John did not hesitate … through this process we received financial support – we received charity status in the transport company.” In all, there were more than 90 44-gallon drum donations in addition to larger items that didn’t fit in the drum, such as a refrigerator, bed frame and a number of mattresses. “Under the auspices of the Casella Family Brands Community Center, she kindly donated a container and covered the cost of shipping to Tonga … Casella Family Brands has made every effort to support families fighting in the Kingdom of Tonga, and that’s what the Community is all about.” In other news, “This project was a great demonstration of what we can achieve if we work together and work together for the common good of all.” kept some drums for a while before the container was ready to ship in. The container was shipped to Melbourne and shipped to the Kingdom of Tonga on April 14. Our reporters are working hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the public.Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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