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The couple says they killed a bear that rushed out the window and attacked them Wisconsin


A Wisconsin the couple says they killed a bear that attacked them in the house after they noticed he was eating from a feeder.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said the attack took place around 11pm on Friday at a house nearby Medford in north-central Wisconsin. The couple told authorities that the bear rushed out the window after they shouted at him to leave.

Both husband and wife were injured before they were able to slaughter the bear with a kitchen knife. Eventually, the man was able to grab a firearm and kill the animal.

The man and woman suffered multiple bites and other injuries at the hospital before being released. The couple’s children were sleeping in their bedrooms at the time and were unharmed.

The sheriff’s office said the bear was an adult female, and saw one cub run away when the bear ran towards the house. State wildlife officials took the bear for testing.

What kind of bear it was, the authorities do not specify.


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