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The crypto industry is urging Labor to stay on broad reforms


Earlier this year, Labor spokesman Stephen Jones said the party would view cryptocurrency as part of a broader revision of the digital payment system that would include digital wallets such as Google and Apple Pay. Jones also said the government could consider regulating the crypto as part of regulating financial services.

Adrian Pshalozny, executive director of the cryptocurrency exchange of the Independent Reserve, noted that crypto-reform is unlikely to be the first item on the Labor agenda, but expressed hope that the momentum received by Bragg’s reforms will not weaken with a change of government.

“Right now there is a consultation document describing the proposed regulations, so we hope that the government will accept it, and we hope that they will not try to break with all the work that has already taken place in consultation with the industry,” he said.

“We need to regulate the cryptocurrency space in Australia, I think that’s a very important thing for the nation.”

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