Home Business The decision on Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire is approaching

The decision on Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire is approaching


In private, the position of the “Tigers” was that the decision on Maguire was not even considered until it became clear that the club will miss the final for the 11th year in a row.

What brings us back to this inner landmark is that if they hadn’t been double-digit before the 13th round, they could have kissed their season goodbye.

Last year, after 13 rounds, the Tigers scored 10 points, five wins and eight defeats.

There is a sense of positivity stemming from the new resilience the team has demonstrated in 2022. Jackson Hastings ’high-risk signing has borne good fruit.

You can’t blame the Tigers for the commitment shown on the field. But there are some who are concerned that a simple competition has become a passing point for a team that was on the verge of the top eight when Maguire took office.

Sources at the club say Maguire has changed this year as part of measures imposed on him after last year’s controversial end-of-season review.

He is delegating responsibility to new assistant coaches Nathan Cayless and Ben Gardiner, which has led to a marked improvement in defense.

The injuries that have shortened the list make it difficult for the club to properly assess Maguire’s fourth year of leadership. But the chances of him putting all his hands back on deck before their fate this season is known are slim.

At some point the Tigers will decide whether to fire him or bring him back. This point may be close.

Crichton, Stegs – a favorite duo

Stephen Crichton and Cotony Stegs are the favorites of the central positions of the NSW, released due to injuries of Latrel Mitchell and Tom Trbaevich. Blues coach Brad Fitler calls his team next Sunday night.

The American Dream

The NRL is still moving forward with plans to play a premier game in Los Angeles next year. ARLC chairman Peter V’landis wants this to happen next year, and will be working hard to achieve that in the coming weeks.

The NRL will continue to fight the NSWRL

Although the NSW Supreme Court ruled that the election results in the NSWRL should remain in force, despite the improper expulsion of Cronulla CEO Dean Mesatesti, the NRL will appeal the decision.


A phone call last week revealed that clubs unanimously support the NRL to continue fighting on their behalf and ensure new elections are held.

Leichhardt is in line for funding

Leichhardt Oval is said to receive a grant of up to $ 50 million as part of an investment in the suburbs. The announcement will be made next month when the state government announces its budget plans on June 21.

Bunnies on board with Albo

On election night, Anthony Albanese was an interesting guest at the inner shrine: Rabbitohs supremacist Nick Papas.

The new Prime Minister of Australia revel in his victory over Shark supporter Scott Morrison and shares such close ties with the Pope that the Sydney chairman has been around all night.

Rabbitohs co-owner and Hollywood star Russell Crowe has voiced one of Albanese’s campaign announcements, and his passion for the cardinal and myrtle knows no bounds.

Last year, as Rabbitohs prepared for the grand finale in Queensland, where COVID-19 protocols prevailed, Albanez agreed to join the Zoom call for South Sydney corporations.

Worst case scenario for best

The Knights are preparing for the possibility that Bradman Best will have to undergo surgery for elbow dislocation. The cannon center was moved right into the tunnel after a horrific injury received in the Newcastle defeat by Brisbane. The club waited for the swelling in Best’s elbow to subside before deciding whether the 20-year-old should lie down under the knife.

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