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The e-tron S models come for Audi


Audi e-tron – Audi has added to the segment of electric SUVs with the arrival of brand new e-tron and e-tron Sportback. These new models emphasize the performance of the e-tron line and are the first electric “S” models from Audi.

The sporty character is provided by two electric motors on the rear axle and one on the front axle, which boasts a power of 370 kW and a torque of 973 Nm at full acceleration when activated in S-mode.

These new S models are endowed with incredible performance, reaching 0-100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 210 km / h. Although I am sure that such performance will quickly drain the batteries.

Audi e-tron S 2022


The presence of dual electric batteries on real wheels eliminates the need for a rear differential in the latest generation of all-wheel drive e-quattro with torque vector

Obviously, the e-tron is a stylish SUV with a full set of luxury items.

Audi e-tron 55 SUV 2020

The e-tron S can be charged with a 7.2 kW AC home charging kit that charges from zero to full in 13 hours, or a fast 150 kW DC charge for long journeys up to a maximum of 80% in 30 minutes. .

The all-new Audi e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback are now available for $ 168,400 plus regular costs

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Audi e-tron S 2022

Read more about the Audi e-tron

  • New sports flagship for the Audi e-tron line with a staggering 370 kW / 973 Nm, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds
  • Sansom: “Electric mobility is not only a way to a more sustainable future, but it can also be an exciting driving experience”
  • e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback are available now, starting at $ 168,400 *

Audi Australia welcomes the arrival of the all-new Audi e-tron S and Audi e-tron S Sportback. The new models introduce a new flagship for the e-tron lineup, which offers exciting dynamic performance as a highlight.

“The all-new e-tron S models represent a step-by-step change in the perception of electric mobility for the Audi brand,” said Paul Sansom, CEO of Audi Australia.

“Electric mobility is not only a way to a more sustainable future, but it can also be an exciting driving experience as it manifests itself in these unusual cars.

“This is an important part of our journey because the e-tron S demonstrates that Audi understands that owners don’t want to choose between maximum sustainable car and maximum performance – they want both,” Sansam said.

Audi e-tron S 2022

e-tron Exciting driving characteristics

Audi’s first electric S-model with two electric motors on the rear axle and one on the front axle, which boasts 370 kW and 973 Nm of torque at full acceleration when activated in S-mode. As the world’s first production electric car with three electric motors, the new S models have incredible performance, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds, ahead of a top speed of 210 km / h.

Audi e-tron 55 SUV 2020

To increase efficiency, the front electric motor erupts only when the driver requires more performance, or acts predictably in the event of reduced traction. The high-voltage battery has a gross energy capacity of 95 kWh, of which 91 percent (86 kWh) can be used. With a single battery charge, the Audi e-tron S and Audi e-tron S Sportback reach distances of up to 413 km and 418 km, respectively, depending on the selected driving mode.

The e-tron S models feature the latest generation of e-quattro all-wheel drive with a torque vector that allows the two rear engines to transmit torque directly to each rear wheel via a single-speed transmission that eliminates the need for a mechanical differential and leads to power adjustment. high levels of torque.

The sporty character and handling of the electric Model S is further optimized by the car’s low center of gravity, leaving the large high-voltage battery located much lower to balance and withstand the three electric motors. Progressive steering and adaptive air suspension with adjustable damping are also available through the seven driving profiles of the Audi drive select system, which emphasize the S-specific settings.

Audi e-tron S 2022

Intuitive exterior design

The sporty character of the electric S models continues in the car exterior with its strong outlines along the front and rear bumpers, wider wheel arches and sporty adaptive air suspension up to 76mm, giving the model a squat and powerful position on the road. . S-specific styling, such as flow-optimized wheel arch extensions, provides improved aerodynamics, as well as additional Audi virtual mirrors with high-definition OLED displays. Overall, the e-tron S has a very low drag coefficient of 0.28, which is even better than the e-tron S Sportback – 0.26.

Aerodynamic considerations continue to also have an adjustable air cooling inlet to cool the front brakes, minimizing air turbulence by opening only when necessary. The heat pump, which is standard on all e-tron models, extracts heat energy from the waste heat of the drive components to further increase the vehicle’s power reserve to ten percent. To complete the optimization of vehicle efficiency, drivers can also choose between three levels of energy regeneration using a sophisticated recuperation system, giving the driver a noticeable experience of driving one pedal when it is at its highest level.

Audi e-tron S 2022

The e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback are the first Audi cars to offer digital LED matrix headlight technology (optional). This headlight technology allows you to project light images and animations in high resolution directly in front of the car. This innovation is complemented by many features for adaptive light distribution and light assistance, which increases safety when driving in the dark.

Audi e-tron S 2022

Both the e-tron S and the e-tron S Sportback come standard with 21-inch Audi sport alloy wheels with 5-spoke spokes, as well as exterior mirrors with aluminum trim. A total of eight exterior paint colors are available, although Plasma Blue is only reserved for the e-tron S Sportback. Orange brake calipers with the S logo are also included as standard, shining for spectators as a sign of power inside.

Audi e-tron S 2022

Generous internal inclusions

Electric S models are uncompromising comfort and stylish inclusions for the interior, both models are equipped with panoramic glass sunroof, closed glass, four-zone air conditioning with climate control, electric heated front seats with memory function by the driver and color lighting. . The Valcona leather upholstery has S-specific details with sporty S front seats with contrasting diamond seams. The embossed “S” logo is also available on the sporty leather steering wheel, now with a luxurious heating function and electrically adjustable steering column.

Audi e-tron S 2022

Extensive infotainment features are included as standard, including an Audi virtual cab with S-specific display, Audi connect plus, wireless phone charging and Audi smartphone interface with Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto wireless on MMI navigation plus 10.1-inch touchscreen / tactile interface screen for infotainment system and 8.6-inch touch / tactile screen for car functions. Hi for sophisticated audio, this is an incredible Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system with 16 speakers, a subwoofer and a 15-channel amplifier with a total power of 705 watts.

The e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback also include all the latest safety and driver assistance systems, which are also standard on the entire e-tron line.

Audi e-tron S 2022

Convenient charging and maintenance

The e-tron S can be charged with a 7.2 kW AC home charging kit (requires electrical infrastructure to support) or up to 150 kW DC fast charging. This fast charging option is suitable for stops on long journeys, recovering 80% of the charge in just 30 minutes or a full charge in just 45 minutes. The 7.2 kW AC home charging solution can charge an e-tron S from empty to full in 13 hours.

For charging at home, a suitable installation can be arranged with our partner, JETCharge. At any time, the e-tron can be pre-prepared for a future trip by heating or cooling, which is controlled by the myAudi smartphone app.

Audi e-tron 55 SUV 2020

Australia Audi also offers all e-tron cars with a full 6-year subscription to the Chargefox charging network.

The Audi subscription gives e-tron owners access to all ultra-fast as well as selected fast and standard chargers in the Chargefox network.

All ultra-fast chargers run on 100% renewable energy. More information can be found at https://www.chargefox.com/network/

In addition, Audi Australia offers all e-tron cars with service and assistance on the road for the first 6 years of ownership and a five-year warranty.

Audi also provides a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty on the body from corrosion for the new car and an 8-year warranty on the 160,000km battery. Any Audi dealer can carry out scheduled maintenance of the e-tron vehicle.

The all-new Audi e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback are now available from Audi dealers.

Audi e-tron S 2022


e-tron S 370 kW $ 168,400
e-tron S Sportback 370 kW $ 175,400

* MLP Includes GST and LCT, but excluding statutory fees, dealer costs and dealer delivery. Contact your RDAP dealer. Does not include cost options. Some of the features mentioned in the article are options. RDAP means the recommended departure price (without options, but including all other fees)


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