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The “extraordinary” turn of the young man from drugs and crime


A young Victorian man who was arrested after a dangerous ride on ice has made an “unusual” turn in his lifestyle, the court said.

Tanner Eames seriously threatened police and civilians in August 2020, when a 21-year-old man was driving at 175km / h and on the wrong side of the road in south-east Melbourne after an argument with an ex-boyfriend.

Eames, who works on the method, even continued to drive until his vehicle was restricted to discs only after the stop levers successfully punctured the tires of his car.

He was detained after an hour-long chase and found with a knife.

Camera iconAn hour-long chase has threatened police and civilians, the court said. Credit: News Regional media

Eames was a couch-surfer who left home at age 15 due to drug use, first smoked methamphetamine at just age 14 and repeatedly faced the law before driving.

But this week, Victoria District Court told of his remarkable ransom story, which seems to have included stopping his drug use.

“Mr. Eames, you should commend your efforts over the past eight months,” Judge Carolyn Gwyn said.

“With your history of drug use and abuse for a minor period of time, combined with the identified cognitive deficits and stresses you have faced during this period, your efforts can be described as unusual, if not exceptional. ”

Judge Gwyn still sentenced Eames to 12 months in prison in addition to two and a half years of correction in society for an episode of rule in which civilian police barely escaped the clash.

Judicial Fund
Camera iconEames still received a year in prison. NCA NewsWire / Penny Stevens Credit: News Corp Australia

However, Judge Gwyn also acknowledged that his rehabilitation prospects had “significantly improved” since the incident.

“(You) are described as continuing to demonstrate prosocial changes in your lifestyle,” Judge Gwyn said.

“Urine analysis continued to show a negative result for banned substances.

“You have built a healthy and happy life … and set positive goals for the future.

“It seems less necessary to protect the community from you than it used to be.”


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