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The former AFL star has been accused of drug trafficking


Retired AFL star Sam Fisher has been charged with drug trafficking as part of a joint investigation by Victoria and Western Australia police.

The 39-year-old, who was a former Australian and twice the best and fairest in St. Kilda, has been charged with trafficking a large number of illicit drugs after detectives searched Sandringham on Wednesday morning.

Drugs, including methylamphetamine and 1,4-butanediol, as well as a Mercedes Benz car were seized during the raid.

Fisher did not appear when his case was briefly mentioned in Melbourne’s Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday night, and his lawyer said he preferred to remain in custody.

The trial has been postponed until August 10.

This comes after WA police on April 20 seized a $ 129,000 inside parcel that was allegedly to be delivered to Melbourne.

Another parcel believed to be from Melbourne, which contained about one kilogram of methylamphetamine and 84 grams of cocaine hidden inside a kitchen appliance, was intercepted by WA police the same day.

Police will allege that the addictive drugs were regularly hidden in white goods and sent from Melbourne to Perth.

Detective Inspector Craig Darlow of the Trident Task Force said the bust was a “great result”.

“There may be speculation that drugs can be easily concealed, but we have seen again and again the ability of the police to detect and seize these substances,” he said in a statement.

“It’s a warning that no matter where you are or where you operate, we will target those involved in the production and trafficking of illicit drugs and bring them to justice.”


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