Home Business The former Crown director blames the authorities for not convicting money launderers

The former Crown director blames the authorities for not convicting money launderers


All three inquiries indicated that Crown could not have a casino license, but inquiries Victoria and Perth gave the operator two years to break the casino.


Poynton also questioned whether border forces could do more to prevent the use of criminals in Australian casinos.

We can say that if the border troops let people in, gave them visas, allowed them to come and maybe knew that they had some things that were not in the “Crown”, “Star” and others, then why is it absolutely responsibility to either stop their gambling or ban them or what? ” he said.

“It’s fair or not, whether there was enough interaction between departments, I’m not sure, but it looks like the company has been over-focused.”

The Australian Center for Transaction Reporting and Analysis has filed a civil lawsuit in the Federal Court against the Crown for “serious and systematic non-compliance” with anti-money laundering laws in March. However, the corporate regulator ASIC will not go to court over whether Crown directors have breached their obligations under the Corporate Act.

Poynton’s relationship with James Packer, who stepped down as chairman of Crown Resorts in March 2018, was carefully considered during an investigation by New Wales and the Royal Perth Commission.

John Poynton at the Business News breakfast in Perth on Wednesday.Credit:Matt Elonek

Poynton was nominated as a representative of the investment company Packer Consolidated Press Holdings on the Crown Board, and at the center of the investigation in Perth was a consultation agreement that contained a clause requiring Poynton to disclose Packer’s Crown confidential information.

Poynton said he was not fully aware of the implications of the item, and told the commission he did not give CPH any confidential information, which was confirmed by Packer.

The commission acquitted Poynton of any breach of the agreement, but he said it was a “real setback” and caused him “the greatest anxiety of his career.”


Seven West Media reported widely on the deal, and Poynton made subtly veiled criticism of the “relentless criticism” from the media.

“You could argue that it looked like I was the only Crown director given the media attention,” he said.

“A lot of other people were involved, some of them had much more experience маюць and have more influence as chairman, I was chairman for only a year, but that allows the facts to hinder a good story.”

Poynton said the “friends of the owner” approached him because they felt “deeply uncomfortable” with him, not because they felt sorry for him, but because they were worried that they might become the next target.

Seven West Media, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Border Force were asked for comments.

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