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The funding launches a new national television campaign for the Build A Bridge brand


Bridging loans

“We continue to see tremendous growth in applications, settlements, loan portfolio growth and broker accreditations,” shared Funding.com.au Chief Revenue Officer Lee Slattery. “Demand for bridging loans has never been stronger, and the changing mortgage market and customers looking for shorter-term lending solutions to their financing needs will only continue to increase the demand for our products,” Mr Slattery continued.

Bridging loans have traditionally involved a long and tedious process involving full paperwork and a terrible customer experience, short loan terms and exit fees, and many banks have now withdrawn their products or only offer them to their existing customers, and if they do offer them , it takes them weeks to get approval and months to agree.

Funding.com.au offers an online digital process for direct clients, a dedicated brokerage portal for brokers and no need for full documentation. They continue to accredit brokers within an hour and can receive conditional approval in two hours and reach settlements within three to five days.

In the past 12 months, the company has expanded its direct and broker channels and achieved record growth, including more than $6 billion in applications for more than 7,000 customers across Australia, and maintains a 4.9 star customer rating on Google.

Bridge construction

“Our focus is growing with brokers and partners, and now with our new Build a BridgeTM campaign will be seen across Australia and we believe our brokers and partners will see real benefit from partnering with us as more and more clients learn how to ‘bridge’ with our nationally branded campaign and request Funding.com. au if they need a bridging loan,” Slattery continued.

“We want people to know how fast and innovative our loan products are. Sharing our brand story on national television will help people know that funding.com.au can help them build the bridge they need,” said Slattery.

Short-term bridging, construction and business loans are available for personal and business use, as well as for NCCP and Non-NCCP loan customers.

They have key partnerships with AFG, VOW Financial group and Yellow Brick Road. Their innovative technology allows them to fund loans within days with the support of a local sales and lending team.

Build a bridgeTM The brand campaign starts on Sunday 30thousand October on Channel 9 is free-to-air and continues BVOD, digital channels, online and further marketing.

Click to watch the TV ad HERE


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