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The Future of Luke Cyrus, Cameron Munster, Sydney Roasters, Melbourne Storm, Concussion, Contract


Paul Kent believes that the latest unfortunate concussion of Roosters’ main defender Luke Kira has called into question his future at the club and has restored Tricolor’s ties to Cameron Munster.

Kira has a history of concussions, and there is a fear that he will not be able to endure much longer before he is forced to leave the game.

Kent believes Kira’s future at NRL is uncertain at best, and told Munster manager Bright Anast about his stellar client’s potential ties to the Roosters.

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“Is your boy starting to play“ Roosters ”now, Cameron Munster? Kent asked Anasta on NRL 360.

“I don’t know, I haven’t heard anything,” Nasta replied.

“There was no contact at all.”

“Well, you have to ask a question,” Kent said.

“Come on, just share with me.”

“There was no contact and Cameron wants to stay in Melbourne and we have to wait until November,” Anasta said.

Kira 30 has signed with the Rosters by the end of 2024, and given his throwing history, this will probably be his last contract in the rugby league.

As harsh as it may seem, Kent believes the reality is that Kira may not even see this contract, which would mean the club has to look for a replacement at some point.


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Luke Kira received a concussion from Storm.Source: Supplied

“Cyrus in The Roosters should have long-term concerns,” Kent said.

“I don’t know, I haven’t talked to anyone about it,” Anasta replied.

“If they’re worried, they’ll go to market for half the blue chips because they’re not wasting time, aren’t they Roosters?”

Kent reminded Anastasia that the Roosters had recently been involved in creating a play for Munster, but he denied that it had been discussed.

“Only six or eight weeks ago, there were speculations that the Roosters were trying to clear the decks and play in Munster,” Kent said.

“It was a rumor,” Anasta said.

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The future of Cameron Munster is not decided after 2023.Source: Getty Images

“I know this, and you made it clear that you had no contact,” Kent said.

“Not yet,” Anasta replied.

Paul Crowley has backed Kent that the Roosters are not a club where you can sit back and they will try to bring the best replacement if Kira’s career ends.

“Roosters have a history, when they need to solve a problem, they don’t go out and they don’t choose the fourth or fifth best midfielder,” Crowley said.

“They’re trying to find the best option for them, and given Sam Walker’s long-term future, they’ll be looking for number 6.”

However, Dave Riccio noted that the Roosters may have a decision to replace Kira already in their books.

“What about Joey Manu,” Richio said.

“Isn’t he just a Cameron Munster?”

“Special inside” for fans of “Tigers!” | 02:38

“There’s nothing wrong with Joey Manu, but he’s also a great center,” Kent said.

“They’ve already got Manu.”

“What about Joseph Sualia in the center?” Said Riccio.

“They have options,” said Anasta.

On Tuesday, Kira was scheduled to play with the Eels in the 15th round, but given his concussion story, and the Roosters are one of the leading clubs for the well-being of players when it comes to headbutts, Crowley doubts he will play.

“I would be shocked if he played,” Crowley said.

“He looked upset when he left the field that night. We all know the story. Everyone wishes him well.

“There’s no doubt at all that Luke has had bad moments with knocks in the past, and this leads to a debate that by the end of the year people will be watching Luke cope with it.

The quarrel between Kiraz and Alan is a good sign 01:42

“He’s the senior half of the club, and if he doesn’t play, that’s a big problem for the Roosters.

Kent believes Kiri is struggling to grapple with the reality of his last blow to the head when he left the field, and what that could mean for his future.

“I believe that if you saw him at that moment (coming from the field), I don’t think at that moment he is suffering from a blow to the head,” Kent said.

“I think in reality I just got another hit and it goes away, thinking it means it to me.”

Anasta revealed that Kira has been thinking about her long-term future for a while when it comes to concussions.

“Luke has been openly worried about this for a long time, so he has to make some decisions,” Anasta said.

“It’s going to be a tough time for him again.”


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