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The Informer: Either in iso, but the campaign continues District News


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The second week of the election campaign is coming to an end, and the surprises continue. Opposition leader Anthony Albanese made a statement Thursday night confirming that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and would be forced to isolate himself for a week during the election campaign. Mr Albanese has been forced to cancel a trip to Western Australia and will now speak to the public via video and with his team. With Either in iso, company spokesman Jason Claire stepped up. “The boss made a mistake. So you understood me,” Mr Claire told the media on Friday. The result of the PCR was only in the fact that the Prime Minister of Western Australia Mark McGowan announced that he also received a “mistake”. Mr McGowan, who has been in isolation since Wednesday, said a family member had a positive test earlier in the week. “I will continue to quarantine and work from home during this period,” Mr McGowan said. Expressing good wishes to his opponent, Prime Minister Scott Morrison continued his campaign from Brisbane on Friday. During a radio interview, Mr Morrison said Australia’s nursing system is seen as a global standard. He said the government is working to introduce round-the-clock nurses to the facility by 2025. “The rest of the world looks at our system and actually views it as the standard,” Mr Morrison said. “What I like about it is that we don’t agree with it. It’s not perfect and should be a lot better.” In his home state, the Prime Minister of New Wales, Dominique Perotte, weighed the controversy over the choice of a candidate for Waring. Candidate Catherine Daves is campaigning to prevent transgender women from playing sports alongside other women, a controversial “captain’s choice” that now threatens to topple the New South Wales government. When the second week ends – including the first leader’s debate and this “blessed” comment – there is still a long electoral trail ahead. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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