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The Informer: Farewell to Kimberley Kitching | District News


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In the best of times a funeral can be a difficult occasion, but who can doubt that there was a little tension at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne at Kimberly Kitching’s ceremony. The Labor hierarchy was there to pay tribute to the former senator who died on suspicion of a heart attack on March 10. Former Labor leader Bill Shorten, Kitching’s husband Andrew Landeriou and the Dalai Lama led the 52-year-old girl. “Politics may or may not be volatile,” Mr Landerev said. “Kimberly wasn’t there.” He did not name the names of Christina Kenilly, Penny Wong and Katie Gallagher, who were there and who denied Senator Kitching’s expulsion. “Allegations of bullying are untrue,” a joint statement from the three senators said earlier. In a eulogy, the deceased husband said: “I could say a lot about the trouble of the quarrelsome cabinet – not all of them are in parliament.” Conversation among the mourners after the funeral would be interesting. As always, the pandemic continues to surprise. Will we ever see normalcy? If we imagine we can get out of this, the push comes: the virus has taken the life of a healthy two-year-old in Sydney. NSW Deputy Chief Health Officer Marianne Gale said the child had no health problems. The lesson of a medical official has always been repeated: parents need to vaccinate their children. News from Ukraine is still bleak, unbelievable. Negotiations are still under way, but there is no clear progress in ending the war. President Putin wishes victory, despite the fact that the price will be high in terms of blood and grief. And Ukraine said that the surrender of the city of Mariupol can not be discussed after Russia called on Ukrainian forces to lay down arms in the besieged port city. Russia has said that a “terrible humanitarian catastrophe” is unfolding in Mariupol. In more encouraging events (or less hopeless to give them a clearer bias), Russia and Ukraine have agreed to open seven “corridors” for civilians to escape what could well be hell, if – and when – Russian troops approach to the city center. NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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