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The Informer: Federal Election Date Forecast District News


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As the May 14 federal election approaches, liberal ministers are pondering Labor’s victory in South Australia. On Saturday, the leader of the SA Labor Party, Peter Malinauskas, became the state’s prime minister, the first loss for the current government since the pandemic. In response, Liberal MP Nicole Flint said the result showed the importance of “quiet Australians” in the upcoming election. Meanwhile, the Greens have unveiled a $ 88 billion plan to “bring people out of poverty.” Leader Adam Bandt said that if the party maintains a balance of power after the election, they will increase aid payments to at least $ 88 a day and cancel reciprocal commitments for job seekers. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has not been a major issue of the election, some elderly residents and their families are still experiencing difficulties. Families of residents with dementia called the PPE they should wear “scary” for patients. Others say loved ones didn’t recognize them when they finally reunited. The travel industry also continues to recover from the pandemic. The industry welcomed $ 75 million from the federal government. Australia’s efforts to support Ukraine in its war against Russia have also increased, and additional ADF shares worth $ 21 million will be transferred to Ukraine. The government says they will also supply at least 70,000 tons of thermal coal to “maintain Ukraine’s energy security.” The government says it has issued nearly 4,500 visas to Ukrainians, with more than 600 already arriving in Australia. NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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