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The Informer: Finally declared a state of emergency due to flooding, but unfortunately it is not a magic wand | District News


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It’s official: it’s a state of emergency in the country. Despite incredibly turbulent times, this is the first time a national state of emergency has been declared amid a natural disaster since the adoption of new laws in December 2020. The Prime Minister’s appeal took more than a week, but it really happened – in the flood-ravaged Lismore today. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who called the floods in the Nordic region a “500-year event”, said the government would drop into its $ 4.8 billion emergency response fund to pay for initiatives previously resisting pressure from Labor. do it. You can read the details of the financial plan here or the point option here. In addition to the immediate recovery mission, which includes legal aid and long-term mental health support, it is committed to flood relief and … support for hydrological research. Already one mayor, not from the north of the state, has warned his community to “manage their expectations”. Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill said: “We could count on a figure of over $ 100 million to renovate and secure the city’s future.” “The projects we’re working on and which are ‘nice to have’ will potentially be postponed until we focus on rebuilding the foundations. It’s inevitable. Any politician who tells you there’s a magic wand is lying. It’s not.” Queensland will waving a stick of a different kind when Prime Minister Anastasia Palashchuk said the disaster and the government’s response would be independently scrutinized by Queensland’s Disaster Management Department. Seventeen Queensland local governments have declared disasters, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison will meet with the Prime Minister on Thursday to discuss declaring floods a state of emergency in the country that will simplify Commonwealth support. The last word today remains with Mr. Greenhill, Mayor of the Blue Mountains, who says: “We need to go out and say an honest thing: the climate is changing and our infrastructure, which was built many years ago, has never been built with reasoning that we oppose such weather “. Seven days ago, ACM published the details of our reader survey. Nearly 52% of readers have put “environment and climate change” at the forefront of determining votes in the 2022 federal election. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? SUBSCRIBE HERE NEWS, YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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