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It’s almost 2022 playing a sick prank: “Here’s Australia, deal with these floods. Newcastle, today you’re getting a massive fire – in the shadow of the fuel depot no less; and Tasmania, you can do without the Internet.” Another day, right? And yes, compared to so many we were lucky, but a day without much crisis, probably would not have gone astray. According to the sounds of this day will not be tomorrow. Weather officers warn that conditions that destroyed parts of Queensland and the north of the New Southeast will be tracked south with floods and potentially life-threatening. Warnings of heavy rainfall have also been issued in Newcastle, Gosford, Sydney, Wollongong, Nawra and south to Batemans Bay. Wind gusts of up to 125 km / h and up to 200 mm of precipitation are forecast for 6 hours at night. “At this stage, the system is projected to approach the central and southeastern areas on Tuesday evening or Wednesday, but there is uncertainty about its exact time and where the most significant impacts will occur,” said the NSW Bureau of Meteorology. Serious preparations are underway in the Ilawara region, and stocks at two sandbag collection points have been exhausted by the appointed collection time. A woman has died in her flooded home in northern New South Wales, and people are warned to prepare for new deaths. The tragedy is not limited to the New South East, as there are “serious concerns” for two men who are still missing as a result of a flood in southeast Queensland that killed eight people and damaged at least 18,000 homes. Volunteer Mud Army 2.0 was mobilized for clean-up after 795 mm of rain fell in just three days. And while they prepare for a potentially wild night, emergency services in Newcastle this afternoon dealt with a large fire at a storage facility located on the Ampol fuel storage facility. Of course, being without the Internet for any period of time in the 21st century is almost unthinkable, but that is exactly what happened today in Tasmania. The state power company TasNetworks posted on Facebook that the reason for the major shutdown was “problems with the top supplier.” Hold on, Tessie, since you’re training on Wednesday, you’ll have a lot to catch up on. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? SUBSCRIBE HERE NEWS, YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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