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The Informer: Putin goes to a rally, the cost of living is the key to the budget District News


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The Russian president addressed a rally in Moscow on Friday, weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, claiming hundreds of civilian lives. Vladimir Putin appeared before tens of thousands of people in the center of Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, promising that all the Kremlin’s goals would be achieved, as he told citizens it was a “special military operation.” “We know what we need to do, how to do it and at what cost. And we will definitely carry out all our plans, ”the 69-year-old Putin said at a rally from the stage decorated with slogans such as“ For a world without Nazism ”and“ For our president ”. The coverage of his speech on state television was abruptly interrupted, according to the Kremlin, by a technical problem with the server. The United States has warned Chinese President Xi Jinping of the “consequences” if Beijing provides material support for Russia’s invasion, the White House said in a video call lasting less than two hours. China’s foreign ministry said the president had told US President Joe Biden that the war should end as soon as possible, and called on NATO countries to engage in dialogue with Moscow. At home, Federal Treasurer Josh Friedenberg has promised that his fourth budget and third pandemic budget will pave the way for balancing government books, recognizing that many Australians find it difficult to cover basic expenses. The Treasurer told the Australian media community that the uncertainty caused by repeated natural disasters and the war in Europe creates more incentives to contain costs and maintain “fiscal firepower”. In lighter news, Australia’s next “big” thing is finding a home. The Big Rainbow should join the Big Banana as a popular tourist attraction, and people are being asked to vote for where they think it should go. Project Ambassador Nick Step said he would like to see it in the Central West, with Bathurst on the maps. “For me, who grew up in the Central West, it would mean the whole world to have such a visible sign of inclusion and really help to assert who I was,” Mr Steep said. NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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