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The Informer: Sunday Sleep for Campaign Participants District News


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Sunday was not a day off for those campaigning, and Scott Morrison began in Sydney before heading to Darwin before Monday’s service in Anzac. Opposition leader Anthony Albanese was isolated in his home, but previous trials headed to Darwin to spread the Labor message. Mr Morrison has announced $ 14 million to reduce crime in Alice Springs in response to a 46 percent increase in home burglaries. This was coupled with a $ 300 million package for a new hydrogen center and several carbon storages in Darwin. Mr Morrison said the projects would bring in a total investment of $ 1.9 billion and create more than 3,800 jobs. Labor has promised more than $ 500 million in veterans’ affairs, and the prime minister has doubled the coalition’s promise not to impose new taxes. Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the prime minister appears to be moving away from an agreement that recognizes that Australia needs a fairer way of taxing multinational companies. Mr Albanese, meanwhile, called the backlog of veterans’ claims a “national disgrace”. “For many of our veterans, the war does not end when they leave the battlefield. Just as they stood up for us, we must follow them,” Mr Albanese said. During a morning TV interview, Mr Chalmers said Australia should restore confidence with the Pacific by stepping up action on climate change. Mr Chalmers told ABC Insiders that Australia needed to rebuild its diplomatic capacity. “Foreign aid will be part of this, being a reliable climate partner is part of it,” he said. In Western Australia, the child of Prime Minister Mark McGowan has been released from hospital after Covid’s illness. A spokesman said that after a very disturbing four days the child premiere is now recovering at home. “The McGowan family would like to thank everyone for their support and kind comments,” the spokesman said. It all happened on the eve of Anzac Day, when health officials urged visitors to stay safe. Take care of yourself. NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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