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The Informer: The housing affordability crisis? The work offers its “help” District News


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Affordable housing. For most young Australians, this is still unavailable, while world events, and those much closer to home, have only exacerbated the difficult situation. But Labor believes they have a plan to make life easier for the lucky few. On Sunday, during the launch of the campaign in Perth, party leader Anthony Albanese, who had just come out of isolation, spoke of the “Help Buy” plan. Under the proposal, the federal government is buying up to 40 percent of the cost of housing, saving some first-time home buyers up to $ 380,000 in loans. It will also reduce restrictions on housing deposits to 2 percent. But the prime minister is voicing the idea, saying Labor is “looking to make money on it”. What he is referring to cannot be so simply described as “money theft.” However, this means that the federal government will own a stake in your home – although you can redeem them – and will benefit from capital gains once the property is sold. The announcement is due to the rapid rise in the cost of living. Last week, annual inflation rose to 5.1 percent, and on Tuesday the Reserve Bank is expected to raise rates. But will Labor give a plan to address housing affordability? This can ease the pressure – but only for some. The scheme is designed for 10,000 seats and costs $ 329 million over four years. When targeting low- and middle-income individuals, singles must earn $ 90,000 a year or less to be eligible to participate, while couples have a joint income limit of $ 120,000. Real estate in Sydney and other major regional centers will be limited to $ 950,000, while housing in Canberra should be no more than $ 600,000. However, the plan is better than no plan at all, and Labor is betting on this policy to get them to cross the line on election day. In three weeks we’ll see if it’s enough. READ MORE:



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