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The inner story of Mick Potter’s return to the Canterbury Bulldogs


Interim Bulldog coach Mick Potter keeps a frail old fort in Belmar, and Phil Gould undertakes to renovate Canterbury and change the list. But the new man already has something to do when he returns to the NRL coaching ranks.

1. Cheer up

It’s hard to imagine that morale goes down when a team is flu, and all but a few players remain wondering how secure their future is. Somehow Potter has to have fun again as another wooden spoon appears.

2. Find a style that fits

Josh Jackson is a great player, but Isaa Yoa with the ball in his hand is not – and Canterbury is not Penrith. The Dogs attack should focus on their halves and tense forwards, not on Link 13, because it doesn’t work yet.

3. Hit the ground

Wests Tigers in Leichhardt and Dragons in Belmore in the next two weeks give the same chance as any victory that lifts morale. After that, Penrith, Parramatta, the Tigers again and Cronula are the kind of run that can send the fighting side off forever.

4. Select and glue to the base of the Scrum

Matt Burton has been bedridden this week, and there is no certainty that he will meet the Tigers, as the other half will be paired in the cards. There are many questions left over Kyle Flanagan, but they can’t continue to shuffle their sixes and sevens and wait for continuity.

5. Has the dog disappeared No. 1?

Meta Dafty’s Dog Days are dwindling, and it’s hard to see how they keep stones and diamonds from such a critical position every week. Again, if it’s Josh Adda-Kar or Cory Alan who got into the J1 jumper, give them time to get used to it comfortably.

6. Taming Tevit

At best, Tevita Pangai Jr. is a true Bulldog robber. Potter should keep the big man on the field and in the right place.

Dan Walsh


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