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The internet slams Strata’s ‘absolutely weird’ letter


A Sydney resident has shared an empowering letter they received from their constituents that has left the internet bewildered and enraged.

The tenant received a letter notifying them on Monday that owners and occupiers will now need to submit requests if they want to make external changes to their units from now on.

“Appearance change requests are now mandatory for all front-facing balcony owners/occupants,” it said.

“With several apartments currently being rented or sold, we need to present the building as profitably as possible.”

Camera iconThe tenant and the internet were confused by the layer’s requirements. Reddit credit: Delivered
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Camera iconStrata is trying to sell several apartments in Sydney. NCA NewsWire /Gay Gerard credit: News Corp Australia

The letter went on to note changes that now require approval, including outdoor furniture, barbecues and potted plants in “loud colours”.

Any proposed changes must be submitted via the request form with at least seven days’ notice.

Losses also reminded tenants that their laundry should not be visible from their balcony “at any time”.

“Each unit has a dryer, so there’s no point in airing your laundry outside,” they said.

The tenant who uploaded the letter called it “absolutely amazing”.

“Now they want to approve our purchases of furniture and factories? Surely this is impossible?” they asked.

Other Reddit users quickly chimed in with their anger and bewilderment at the layering requirements.

“Print a bunch of these and leave them everywhere so all potential new tenants know what they’re getting into,” said one.

“I am very glad that I sold the apartment and escaped from the layer mafia. I will never live under their oppression again,” joked another.

“I would ask where the rules are in the statute and tell them if you’re not violating the statute, you won’t comply with the request,” someone else advised.

But the same number of users disagreed with the rule of drying clothes.

“No reason to dry clothes outside? It’s better for the environment (and your energy bills), one noted.

“I find this rule absolutely ridiculous. They should offer to pay part of our electric bill if they want to force us to use the dryer all the time,” the user suggested.

“The fact that every unit has a dryer is a joke. Using a dryer costs so much money and creates so much mold,” added another.


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