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The “Maid’s Tale” star gives a rare idea of ​​Scientology


For years, several famous celebrities, including Hollywood celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta, have been public figures of the controversial and highly closed Church of Scientology.

Now in an interview with The New Yorkerthe star who won an Amy The story of the maidElizabeth Moss, gave a candid interview about her connections with Scientology.

Promoting her lead role in the new Apple TV + thriller Brilliant girlsThe 39-year-old girl was interviewed in a chat in Zoom about her lifelong relationship with the church.

Moss’ parents, Ron and Linda, joined Scientology before she was born (they once played in a jazz band with Ron Mickwidge, whose son David is the current head of the church).

“This is not a completely closed religion. This is a place that is very open, for example, to welcome someone who wants to know more about it, ”she told journalist Michael Schulman in the last May issue of the magazine.

“I think that’s what they probably don’t understand the most.

“People can obviously keep in mind whatever they want, and I can’t control it. If it’s not that, then it will be something else. “

Scientology and her thirty-year career

The New Yorker shows that, although Moss downplays her lifelong connection to religion, she is part of a small group of “second-generation Hollywood Scientologists” whose “network has played a role in her career.”

She was the first to be betrayed Girl, broke offbefore playing the president ‘s daughter West wing led her to the fact that she eventually got a permanent role as Peggy Olson in a successful Crazy a series starring John Ham.

Then came the 2017 anti-utopian hit The story of the maidin which she is portrayed as a depressed fertile woman who is ceremoniously raped to have children to inhabit a pure post-apocalyptic race.

And between them were starring in a variety of small budget and mainstream films, including Shirley, her smell and The Invisible Man (2020).

So how The New Yorker asked rhetorically:

“What does the cool feminist icon of pop culture do in an organization that its defectors, among other critics, call a dangerous cult?

“It is tempting to imagine that she is just a cultural Scientologist, like a Jew who goes to a temple only on Yom Kippur. And yet, according to a website that tracks the “completion of services” listed in Scientology journals, in 2017, Moss conducted cleansing, detoxification treatments that involve prolonged heat exposure and intake of large amounts of niacin.

They dug a little further and found publicly available Scientology records stating that “Moss took Hubbard’s course in life when she was eight and reached the state of Clear when she was eleven.”

“I don’t want to pretend to be rude,” she said when asked about Scientology.

“When we met you, we were just friends, I’m, for example, an open book about it … I don’t want people to be distracted when they look at me. I want them to see the character. “

Moss’s merit of Scientology is that she has become a skilled communicator.

“Communication is something I obviously enjoy not only in my work, but also in interpersonal relationships,” she said.

“This is probably one of the number one things I grew up learning and growing using and using every day: the power to just be able to listen to someone, to make someone feel heard, not to belittle them for what they think or believe. even if you think it’s wrong. “

Former Scientologist and now a critic, Australian Mike Rinder, who has become one of the highest international leaders of Scientology and a spokesman, said TNY the angle of communication was often used by members.

“This is a fundamental concept that is being sold to new people to engage them in Scientology. You’ll hear many Scientologists say, “It taught me to communicate,” because it’s a simple, consistent thing.

“Lizzie communicates her roles well to the audience, so you can’t say it’s a lie. It’s a great line to use because it’s one of those things you can’t really challenge. ”

Leah Remini (center) receives the “Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming” award for Leah Remini: Scientology and its implications at the 33rd annual Los Angeles Television Critics Association Awards. Photo: Getty

Leah Remini’s company

Former Scientologist [TNY reports the church says she was “expelled”] from 2009 to 2013, American actress and producer Leah Remini became one of the most outspoken critics of the organization.

Through her 2016 documentary series (about 30 series) Leah Remini: Scientology and its implications she has produced and co-hosted, she interviews former members and former senior executives of Scientology.

In a statement published at the time through American TV company A&E, Ms. Remini said: “This series is about sharing the truth about Scientology. True, born of very personal experience. The shocking truth is things I didn’t expect to find when embarking on a journey to create these shows.

“For too long, this multibillion-dollar organization has mocked the victims and journalists to prevent the truth. I hope that we will shed light on information that allows the world to understand what is really happening and encourages others to speak out so that the abuse can end forever. ”

At the 2017 Telecritics Association Awards, Remini (nominated for documentary series) and Moss (nominated for The story of the maid) found themselves in the same auditorium.

Remini received the award, and Moss reportedly left the room. She clarifies the incident, she says TNY: “I went to the toilet. I would like it to be more exciting. “

“She never approached me,” Moss said. “I never got any requests to talk to her.”

The right of critics to respond

After Moss’s interview, critics added to the irony that Moss was playing a woman in Gilead who had been sexually abused.

“It is an open book because recruiting / attracting new members is one of their missions. Members of the cult do not know what is in the sect. They are gaining so-called [sic] they think they are saving you and humanity, ”one observer wrote.

Another said, “Can we please repeal all Scientologists? Starting with Elizabeth [sic] Moss. It is literally a cult of oppression. A real ideology that coincides with the bad guys A story about maids«.

“The absolute blind eye you all have is amazing.”

And this: “Elizabeth [sic] Moss telling critics of Scientology that it “welcomes anyone who wants to know more about it” is so ridiculous because the main challenge is to get out of it.

“She talks about it as if it’s just a weird book club, ma’am, it’s an af-g cult, and you’re in it.”

And many repeated this feeling: “There is no greater irony than Elizabeth [sic] Moss, a tough Scientologist, starred The story of the maid».

When TNY asked her how viewers could “reconcile” the controversy surrounding Scientology and her Maids role, Moss replied:

“I would just encourage people to find out for themselves.

“Of course, I was guilty of reading an article or looking at something and perceiving it as the Gospel … And, obviously, something like religious freedom and resistance to theocracy is very important to me.”

Brilliant girls the fourth episode came out on May 6 on Apple TV +


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