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The man planned to kidnap Obama’s dog


The man, 49-year-old Scott Stokert from North Dakota, first came to the attention of the US Secret Service field office in Minnesota, which learned of his intention to kidnap Bo or Sunny, Obama’s two dogs, according to the Post. on Friday citing a court statement.

As Stockert was driving his pickup truck from North Dakota to Washington, Secret Service officers found him at the Hampton Inn near the convention center in downtown Washington, near the White House and the Capitol Building, the statement said.

Agents found a 12-caliber rifle and a 22-caliber rifle in Stockert’s car, as well as 350 rounds of ammunition, a 30-centimeter machete and a truncheon, according to the Post. Court documents say Stokert was not registered to possess a weapon and was arrested.

The Secret Service said in a court document that when arrested, Stockert made a number of strange claims to agents, including that he was the son of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe and that he planned to run for president.

He also admitted to being in Washington to kidnap Bo or Sunny. Stockert was charged with carrying a rifle or shotgun outside his home or place of business, which is usually illegal in the District of Columbia, the Post reported.

At a preliminary hearing on Friday, Stockert was released into a program of intensive supervision pending a future indictment. He was also ordered not to possess any weapons and not to approach the White House or the Capitol, according to the Post.


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