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The man was found guilty of murdering a British MP


The “fanatical Islamist”, inspired by the “Islamic State”, was found guilty of killing British MP David Ames, who was killed with a knife as a result of a frantic attack on a church where he met with voters.

Ali Harby Ali, 26, a British citizen and the son of a former media adviser to the former Prime Minister of Somalia, has repeatedly stabbed Ames in an attack last October for what he said was revenge for supporting airstrikes. strikes on Syria.

Prosecutors said he was a “loyal, fanatical, radicalized Islamist terrorist.”

“It was a horrific act of terrorism motivated by religious and ideological beliefs,” said Nick Price, head of the Crown Office’s counterterrorism department.

“Ali decided to commit this heinous crime for his selfish and hateful reasons.”

On Monday, Ali was found guilty of murder and plotting terrorism in London’s Old Bailey court after a jury took less than half an hour to reach a verdict.

The assassination of 69-year-old Ames, a married father of five and a Conservative member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, shocked Westminster and led to calls for better security for members of parliament just five years later. The deputy was killed.

British MPs regularly hold “operations” or personal meetings with voters in their constituencies, a tradition considered the foundation of democracy. But with little or no security and a focus on access for all, operations can make lawmakers vulnerable.

Ali told detectives that he had planned to assassinate the deputy for years and had previously conducted reconnaissance in the parliament building, as well as two other deputies, including Cabinet Minister Michael Gow.

He said he “spilled” previous attacks and stopped at Emmes because he was “the easiest,” he told police in an interview.

He also mentioned the MP’s membership in the Group of Conservative Friends of Israel.

The killer told the court that he wanted to join the “Islamic State” and believed that his actions would help Muslims, calling himself “moderate.”

“If I thought I did something wrong, I wouldn’t do it,” he told the court. Ali’s verdict will be handed down later.

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