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The May LinkedIn update – what news, hot and not


The start of LinkedIn updates this year has slowed somewhat compared to warning changes in 2021.

LinkedIn now has more than 830 million members worldwide and 12.7 million Australians. The 3rd quarter 22 fing The report notes a 34 percent increase in revenue from marketing decisions and a 22 percent increase in platform engagement.

LinkedIn also celebrated its 19th anniversary this month when co-founder Reid Hoffman announced:

“Today 19 years ago from my apartment in the living room in Mountain View I sent an email to 350 people I knew for over 10 years in Silicon Valley and invited them to join me on the new digital platform that we co-founded just had LinkedIn launched. ”

To say that LinkedIn changed the world of career and business with Reed’s living room in 2003 is to say nothing. The platform is not perfect with various cons and interface issues. But it still wins as the world’s number one professional network with great value.

Editorial news lift

Over the past twelve months, seismic shifts and attention have taken place under the leadership of LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Daniel Roth.

in april Press newspaper reported that ‘LinkedIn triples the number of editors it works in the UK, as part of a wider growth that will employ nearly 200 journalists worldwide‘.

This is important for PR, organizations and media publishers, as the goal of the platform, owned by Microsoft, is to expand their market position as a major source of news, along with collaboration with international and national media channels.

It should be noted that the LinkedIn News Australia page has more than 517,489 subscribers. News UK, 1.3 million, News Asia, 2.3 million and News (Global) 8.6 million.

Abandonment of political content

Given that we are heading for the election, it is worth sharing an interesting tool that is unfolding in beta for a number of US members.

The “No renunciation of politics” setting up the tool filters content from political parties, candidates and election information and more. LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslanski says that in case of efficiency this year there will be a wider global spread.

I wonder if it would now be available in Australia, what would be the consumption? Hmmm and wow!

New and hot

Here are some new features that add value and economy:

Forms of generation of potential customers

Flexible lead generation tool with CTA on company pages and showcases. A Privacy Policy URL is required to protect participants. An amazing tool. Set up information here.

Newsletters for companies

Newsletters are deployed for publication on company pages and showcases. This is essential and will be important for major brands and companies that have a strong follower base.

Like newsletters from personal profiles, they are subscribers and notifications through Google SEO indexing.

Workplace module

A section on company pages listing major workplace policies and personnel cared for by employees. Candidates carefully research and evaluate new employers and organizations Workplace module the section will be a valuable part of building brand and employee trust.

Link to the site in the profile

This is such a long-awaited and brilliant update. Just below the header field with activated creator mode you can add a live URL with a hyperlink to any website or page. Adding a personalized description to encourage clicks is a great user experience and engagement feature.

What’s old and not cool?

Participants who use fake influence programs, organized engagement packages and other questionable paid likes and engagement strategies. It is sad to watch the spread of highly skilled and smart people, not to mention scammers.

Cunning marketing and lead generation businesses are engaged in attracting leads and booking appointments through automation and 1970s-style sales announcements in mailboxes. This has become very dangerous, as access to personal profiles is contrary to the User Agreement and trade-off profiles.

As a result, profiles may be suspended, and it’s just not worth the risk, let alone reputation. Trust is lost not only to the organization but to LinkedIn users as a whole. Do not share personal profile information or access outside of your organization.

What will happen next in 2022?

I say keep your hat and tail on for some surprises and updates later this year. We’re all hoping for a better messaging experience and want to see the next iteration of hashtags and creator mode for content creators.

As always, new features can appear with the speed of snails, others will instantly appear as if by magic. Stay tuned.


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