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The Melbourne Demons reveal the name change for the AFL Indigenous Round


Current AFL premieres Melbourne hopefully the historic temporary rebranding of the club in Narrm will spark a broader discussion of Indigenous issues.

The demons will change to the name of the aboriginal city Melbourne during Sir Doug Nichols ’round later this month.

Demon leaders have hailed the change as significant as the club will continue to participate in Indigenous rounds in the AFL and AFLW after this year.

The great indigenous demons Aaron Davy arrived from Cairns to hold the launch on Monday.

Premier League star Stephen May, a native of Darwin, has proudly demonstrated the new Demon jumper.

“This is something I never thought would happen,” the defender replied when asked what the rebranding at Narrm meant for the club.

“I am very proud, but just being recognized during these two rounds is always special for our friends and family at home.

“We can wear the Guernsey of the indigenous people, and now to be called by an indigenous name like Narrm, I think, is really special.

“There will be young children who will watch us play, ask their parents what the name means and it will start a conversation.

“The effect of this is huge, and the only way we can be better is through education, training and awareness raising, so I think that’s another step towards speeding it up.”

Norrm will appear for the first time in the 10th round at Marvel Stadium, when the demons will be in the north Melbournebefore taking Fremantle to MCG next week.

The demons consulted with the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation to rebrand the club, including about the most appropriate ways to write Narrm.

“For me, it’s always spelled Narrm, so I think it’s worth noting,” said Aunt Joy Vandin Murphy.

Artist Ki-I Nicholson Ward was honored that the club chose her to design the latest sweater.

“A lot of people don’t know the country they live in all over Australia, so I think it’s an amazing opportunity,” she said.

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