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“The most horrible experience of my life”: a woman captured in the lobby for a hobby during the Gaylord tornado


The woman said she was in a state of shock at a arts and crafts store in Gaylord, Michigan, on Friday afternoon, May 20, a deadly tornado flew by, causing major damage to the building along with many others. In a Facebook post, Brittany Ganderson described her ordeal: “I just watched a tornado explode through the Hobby Lobby while I stood frozen on the island. Shouts. Watch as the roof is removed. Wind, rain and darkness squeezed into the back of the store and I just stood and watched because I didn’t know how to hide. ” At least two people were killed and 44 injured in a tornado, officials said. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has declared a state of emergency for Otsega County to quickly track resources in the affected areas. Credit: Brittany Gunderson through Storyful


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