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The music industry has outlined a three-point plan ahead of the federal election


Sixteen structures of the Australian music industry, representing a $ 16 billion-a-year industry for the digital economy, entertainment economy, hospitality and tourism, have come together to outline a three-point plan ahead 2022 Federal Elections.

The three priorities focus on direct investment in creating great new Australian music, developing skills and global exports, encouraging the use of local content on streaming and broadcasting platforms, insurance to provide local audience confidence, and programs to build industry sustainability through strong national and intellectual programs. mentoring.

Australian music already supports everything from nursing, mental health and education. It is already the foundation of a healthy and active visitor and night economy, fueling national GDP and providing jobs through supply chains in tourism and hospitality. As part of a strong Australian creative industry, music attracts the brightest minds and supports the development of related sectors including technology, screen and interactive gaming.

Shortly before Covid-19 Australian music was on a trajectory of extraordinary growth as one of the country’s great success stories. With a wealth of talent from across the country and the advent of the next digital revolution, Australia has contributed to the development of an art form in an industry that has captured the hearts and minds of millions at home and around the world.

The 2022 federal election allows Australian music once a generation to continue from where it left off. It is an opportunity to learn from the pandemic and create a better, more sustainable, innovative and successful cultural heritage at the forefront of community building and the next digital revolution, supporting today’s artists while fostering new waves of talent and driving change to global music consumption.

Industrial authorities are calling Federal Government and the Federal Opposition will enter into a partnership with the Australian music industry in the run-up to the federal election. Australia has the potential to move from a musical nation to a musical powerhouse – a powerhouse that can fully realize the cultural, economic and social benefits of an even healthier music industry accessible to all Australians. Partnering with the Australian music industry will foster future jobs and build skills in one of the world’s fastest growing industries at the forefront of community, innovation and economic growth.

Three-point plan:

Support recovery – skills, music creation and export
• Provide internships and retraining programs to address critical skills shortages in the metro and regional areas
• Wage support and additional funding for the Support Act to continuously alleviate the crisis and assist the industry in creating sustainable cultural and behavioral change in mental health and well-being for artists and industry workers
• Expand the Australian music industry program to promote the growth of music under the leadership of First Nations, Sounds Australia and the export of music, women’s music teachers, touring and new youth programs and diversity initiatives
• Invest in new Australian music through the Commonwealth’s annual scholarship program through subsistence support for artists, songwriters and composers
• Establish a national mentoring and industry development program to help develop the skills of artists, songwriters, producers, managers, sound engineers and music industry workers

Attract investment – local content and confidence for the local audience
• Promote the visibility, use and accessibility of local content on all screen and audio digital platforms, as well as commercial and public broadcasters
• Provide a tax deduction for live music to encourage new investment in activities across the country
• Establishment of an insurance scheme supported by the Commonwealth to increase the industry’s confidence in investing in the creation and presentation of music across the country

Ensure sustainability – strengthen intellectual property and policy review
• Enhance technological innovation by strengthening the protection of intellectual property for music in the digital economy to ensure that artists benefit from their creations
• Partnership with industry to support the Music Industry Review’s recommendations on sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination
• Review the Green Paper on policy settings that support the creation, investment and market penetration of Australian music