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The new government plans to break the welfare cycle


The federal government is allocating $ 96 million to a program targeted at thousands of young caregivers, students and parents to ensure they will not be on welfare for the rest of their lives.

Armed with a new report and statistics on the impact of social security dependence, Social Services Minister Christian Porter is calling for a revolution in the system.

He is concerned that generations of young people have fallen into the trap of living on social assistance – from young mothers who have parents to help, to students graduating and unable to get rid of unemployment benefits.

For too many people, money is flowing, nothing is changing and life is not getting better.

“The human price of lost opportunities, lost potential is a terrible result of the system we have at the moment,” said the Minister.

The government will give money to public groups and NGOs, but it will depend on the services of “BYO Ideas”.

Mr Porter expects him to earn next year.

In addition to the fund, targeted youth can also follow new rules to ensure they work on their payments as part of tighter controls on mutual commitments.

The public sector is not happy with the “modest” amount of the fund, saying it has recently lost $ 1.5 billion to provide such services.

The Australian Social Services Council is also concerned about the transition to autonomy because it could mean that people are hoping for charity if they have simply refused government help.

CEO Cassandra Goldie drew attention to the New Zealand experience on which the report is based, amid concerns that kiwis are missing.

“The end result is often that people are no longer able to perform and drop out,” she told reporters in Canberra.

The workforce suspects the data will be used to further reduce social security, pointing to controversial policies such as one month of waiting for youth assistance.

“The government is talking about it, but their actions are far from being achieved,” opposition social services spokeswoman Jenny McLean told ABC radio.

The Greens said there were barriers to employment that the government should focus on.

“New Zealand’s one-size-fits-all approach, which does not address poverty and disadvantage in general, will leave us in a worse position than when we started,” said Rachel Sievert, a spokeswoman for the public services.


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