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The new organization for the care of the elderly ACCPA reveals the appointments of the board


The newly established Association of Nursing and Public Service Providers (ACCPA), due to be operational by July 2022, has announced its inaugural board structure.

Dr Graham Blackman of AO FTSE FAICD and Cheryl Treloir, CEO of Footprints Community, Queensland, were appointed Chair and Vice Chair at the first board meeting. The new board consists of 10 elected directors, three independent directors; and two directors from several states.

“Creating an ACCPA is the first step towards a more unified industry with a single strong voice capable of representing all caregivers of older people. The ACCPA Council will play a key role in providing the new organization with the kind of governance and leadership that the community clearly needs and needs in our industry for a sustainable future in nursing care, ”Blackman said.

Treloir said the main focus for the new board of directors would be the appointment of the first ACCPA CEO, an announcement is expected in July 2022.

“Our new board is already working hard to find the right leader, someone who is able to guide the ACCPA through this new era with a strong goal and a shared approach to working with consumers, communities and government. I look forward to representing our sector through these changes and creating our new high-performing, reliable industry association. ”

Key priorities for the new board include establishing a governance structure, including setting up subcommissions to represent countries, diversifying experiences and advancing strategic priorities, prior to forming a board committee to oversee future appointments.

The new association, ACCPA, was announced on May 3 following a call by the Royal Commission on Quality and Safety of Elderly Care last year, which recommended greater industry collaboration and unified leadership. As a result, a Transformation Committee was formed to help drive change. Then members of the peak organizations Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) and Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) voted to create a single industry association at the relevant special general meetings on April 29, paving the way for the ACCPA by July 2022. .

In addition to Blackman and Treloir, the directors of the board are the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Daniel Aichison, CEO of Clayton Church Homes, South Australia;
  • Dr. Saran Cook, Independent Director;
  • Jackie Howard, CEO of Masonic Care, Tasmania;
  • Michelle Jenkins, CEO of Community Vision Australia, Western Australia;
  • Nick Laudan, CEO and Director of Envigor, Queensland;
  • Lee Martin, CEO and Director of Nursing at Tanunda Lutheran House, South Australia;
  • Linda Mellors, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Regis Aged Care, Director of Several States;
  • Robert Ori, CEO of Montefiore, New South Wales;
  • Sue Peden AM, Independent Director;
  • Kerry Rivet, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Masons;
  • Mark Sewell, CEO of Warrigal, New South Wales;
  • Stephen Maglton, CEO of the group at Bolton Clarke;
  • Shane Jensh, CEO of Alinea Inc., Western Australia.

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