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The offer is a great Hollywood story from a new favorite show


Cinemas may be doing this hard these days, but streaming services are extracting Hollywood history to tell new stories, Offer (Pramount +), The Secret of Marilyn Monroe: Unheard Tapes (Netflix) and Ten percent (Amazon Prime).

Trailer for Offera series of 10 parts about creation Godfather, suggested it could be another gangster series Soprano. Indeed, there is a sub-plot that the Mafia does not want the film to be shot, but the main direction of this series is still mostly movies, and that makes it a lot of fun.

Matthew Hood in The Proposal.

With references to movie classics like Planet of the Apes, Child of Rosemary and A love story, young viewers may not like it, but moviegoers will like it. Seemingly inspired Quentin Tarantino One day in Hollywoodit’s also the latest TV series to have a ball with 70s music and fashion.

It is especially nice to watch the cast Miles Teller, Matthew Hood (discovery in the role of producer Robert Evans) and Temple of Juno (who proves her a gorgeous twist Ted Lasso is not disposable). Offer this is my favorite series in 2022, and best of all, Paramount + is also airing Godfather.

If only Netflix had the same synergy when it comes to the greatest sex symbol of all time. The Secret of Marilyn Monroe: Unheard Tapes based on a 1985 biography Goddess: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroeand “unheard tapes” from the author Anthony Summers‘original records of the people in whom he interviewed.

The Secret of Marilyn Monroe: Unheard Tapes

The Unheard tapes very much trying to shed new light on this Marilyn Monroe a myth, but none of this is new. It’s just clickbait, and Netflix doesn’t even have movies about Marilyn Monroe that could be watched afterwards. Of course Some like it hotwhich was recognized as the best comedy film of all time in 2017, was worth the slot.

Ten percent is a British remake of French production Call my agent (Netflix), and there’s something very “je ne said pas pourquoi” (translation: I Don’t Know Why). The British just can’t convey the casual sophistication of the original, despite real episodes of actors like Kelly MacDonald, Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West.

Ten Per Cent is a British remake of Call My Agent

Call my agent has also been reworked for Turkey and will then be made in South Korea, India, Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Poland and the Middle East. For some reason I don’t see an Australian version being made, because what local film industry do we still have to send, so let’s just wait for the promised film version of the French original.

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