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The Prime Minister orders the feds to help pay for transportation to the airport


Liverpool’s Liberal mayor Ned Manoun said roads in fast-growing suburbs near the new airport were already congested and the situation would only get worse without adequate public transport to the airport when it opens in 2026.

“There is no viable option for public transport, even though it was a fundamental part of the city’s deal. We need to upgrade public transport and the road network immediately,” he said.

The New South Wales Government has promised to open a rapid bus service before the first planes are due to take off from the new airport in 2026.credit:Brooke Mitchell

Liverpool and other parts of western Sydney rely on a rapid public transport bus service because many residents will be too far from the new $11 billion subway linewhich will stretch from St. Marys, in the north, to the airport and a a new city will be built nearby.

Campbelltown Liberal Mayor George Grice said it would be devastating for his residents if a fast bus service was not provided before the airport opened.

“Without this service, the only way people would go to the airport would be by private transport, which is not sustainable,” he said.


A confidential report by Transport for NSW earlier this year warned that both a rapid bus service and a metro rail line to the airport would be needed to “avoid overloading the road network”.

Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue chairman Christopher Brown said the promise to provide fast bus services before the new airport opened needed to be kept.

“It’s time for the rubber to hit the road and for governments at all levels to live up to their commitment to the Western Sydney deals,” he said.

Business Western Sydney chief executive David Borger said fast bus routes were essential because a large proportion of Sydney’s west would not be able to easily reach the new airport by metro.

“We need to see a clear plan from both levels of government to get public transport access from neglected parts of western Sydney to the airport,” he said.

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