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The prince’s birthday will be marked with a new coin


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The 40th anniversary of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, will be marked with a 5 pound coin depicting his portrait.

The Royal Mint, the official coin maker in the UK, unveiled the coin ahead of Prince William’s landmark birthday on 21 June.

This is the first time the Duke, second in line to the throne, will appear alone on an official coin minted by the Royal Mint.

The coin, created by designer and engraver Thomas T. Dackerty, depicts a portrait of him set among the royal ciphers – his initial W – and the number 40.

An image of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark, will be reflected on the other side of the coin.

On the edge will also be the inscription: “Duke of Cambridge.”

Along with the new coin will be issued a limited edition of two coins, which will be a holiday coin 0.25 ounces and a sovereign coin of 1982 – the year of birth of the Duke.

The collection will also include a limited edition coin made of 5 ounces of pure gold to mark a special occasion, with laser technology that creates “high relief”, giving the portrait of William an improved three-dimensional appearance.


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